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Will Cutler be able to fill Elway's shoes?

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    I loved many of the responses......

    I have a lot of faith in Jay...He has an amazing arm
    and he is still in the making to being an amazing QB!!!!
    I know that all of us Broncos fan will continue to support him
    and only want the best for him

    I love Elway but I only saw him during his prime.
    I was too young before to really like football
    So I was not able to see the transformation.
    So I'm really excited to see that with Jay

    Go BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!


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      No, next question.

      ESPN’s John Clayton reported that McKenzie is expected to review Jackson’s performance for the next week or so. Clayton reports that the odds favor Jackson staying in Oakland, but a decision has not been made. "I still get the feeling Jackson will end up being retained." 3 1/2 HOURS LATER, THE RAIDERS FIRED JACKSON.....GOOD CALL CLAYTON


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        Can Jay Fill Johns Shoes?

        I dont think anyone can fill Johns shoes.... He is still wearing them. But i do think we need some new coaches and new plays. Whoever we get in the qb position will always be compared to Elway, thats not fair to them


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          Without a doubt.

          I think without a doubt he will be able to. The key to John's sucess was his delivery. Most QB's come froma football background and that is where they have longevity problems. But John and Jay both come from baseball backgrounds which gives them a better throwing motion and more speed. That is what made John famous was his throwing power and that is why throughout the 80's and 90's we were able to stretch the field and not have to live for only 20 yard outs. Once Jay truely understands his role and that this is truely his team. He will be fine and at that point the shadow of John will not be so large!!!


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            Greeley Grinder

            Maybe it is too early to tell.if he finds a groove and limits his interceptions he may lead the Broncos and hold onto the qb spot.When you can run the ball it always opens up the pass.he seems to be learning how to rum out of the pocket when there is pressure.


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              We just have to wait and see how he develops.
              only time will tell


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                Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                Elway will ALWAYs be the one that brought the FIRST trophy to Denver.

                Off topic but....

                I thought it was the Denver Dynamite who brought the FIRST trophy.....

                Or the Av's if you're counting the 4 major sports......

                hahaha j/k I know what ya meant...



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                  Jay isn't gonna fill anyone's shoes but his own. He'll be too busy filling his own and trying to get away from the shadow that the fans caused because of Elway.


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                    I tell ya what....If Cutler can't fill Elway's shoes, then what good is he?

                    He has to be exactly like Elway....Walk like him....Talk like him....Eat, drink, sleep, s*** just like Elway!!!!

                    He's got til lunch time tomorrow to get it done. Otherwise: Off with his head......


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                      Originally posted by bearbroncoilly View Post
                      ....Elway is Elway and Cutler is Cutler...
                      Let's hope Jay has as long and illustrious career as John had.

                      Adopted Bronco: Von Miller


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                        Nope. Gotta love him but not even close.


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                          No One!

                          No one will EVER fill John Elway's shoes, NO ONE!!


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                            no way can he fill elways shoes. cutler is the most overrated player in the nfl. all i hear is cutler this and cutler that. what has he done? he is a very up and down quarterback. he is a good average quarterback nothing more. he has done nothing to show me he is special, usually you know right away if they are. don't mention this kid and john elway in the same breath. the broncos are very iconsistent some weeks they look awesome and others horrible....sometimes jay looks special and most times he doesn't.


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                              I think more important than Jay filling Elways shoes is that Jay fits the type offense the Broncos are currently running better than our last two QBs. I think Jay is doing just fine considering that shannys offense is much more complicated than most and far more than the what the Titans and Cards run.


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                                It is unfair for us to expect for Jay Cutler to fill Elways shoes. Elways is a man in his own league. So no, Jay Cutler will not fill Elways shoe as much as people want him to.

                                Really what we should expect is for Jay to create his own chapter to Denver's great history. He is young but already has shown his ability. And though the team as a whole is not where we'd like it to be right now, I remain optismistic about the future with Jay Cutler at the helm.