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Do the Broncos ever where the orange jerseys?

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    I REALLY LOVE THE BLUE ON BLUE! we fought to wear blue on blue in highschool lol its just so secksi


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      Originally posted by Medford Bronco View Post
      that is sad then because he is basically blowing off 35 years or so of history.
      Kinda sad.

      At least some teams embrase their history like the Chargers with their cool thowbacks.. Just my

      does not make me any less of a fan, but as a kid I loved the orange and still do. I just wish we even wore alternates just once a year.
      I hear ya Med, I miss the old school jerseys. I miss how Mile High used to look....

      Also, I used to think the away jerseys were the best in the league...

      The new jerseys are OK. I like the older ones better.
      You've got to know when to sack em...


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        I think the new jerseys are by far the nicest in the league. The old jerseys would just be nice to have once in a while.


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          Orange Jerseys are the "TARGET" in Snow Games

          Elway loved them because he could pickout his targets to throw.

          As much as Bowlen hates the Legacy... the old uniforms should be used for the traditional Thanksgiving, Hall of Fame, and honorary "Old Timers Day" games.

          The "D" always stands out as the icon of Denver
          Definition of Insanity, same thing over & over, expecting different results.


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            I'd like to wear the electric orange jerseys from time to time..... I think they look cool.


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              I don't like the orange because of the memories. Can anyone say Dan Reeves?? I'd just prefer to forget those 4 superbowl losses. And don't forget what happened the first year we got new ones . . . back to back SB wins. Call it superstition if you must, but it works.

              Also, have you ever tried to clean grass stains out of an orange shirt?? Terrible! Stick to the dark colors.