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So whats the news on Bell?

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    Originally posted by broncos4ever
    I have to take exception to this. Was not Portis a rookie and what did he rush for his rookie season? (Over 1500 yards)
    Was not Terrell a rookie and look at his rushing record. (Over 1100 yards)

    Why could not Bell do the same thing? I am not saying he will, I am just saying it could happen.

    QG will have to win the job and there will be competition. Bell with his weight and one cut ability is perfect for the Bronco Offense.

    Though we will support whomever wins the job. Training camp will be wide open and that will tell the tale....

    I don't hate QG, I just want to see him prove himself. I also don't say Bell is going to beat him out. Bell must prove himself also.

    Whomever starts we as Bronco fans will support and us real fans do not hate anyone in a Bronco uniform.

    differance is portis started cause of injuries, TD started cause he was the best back we had, anderson started cause of injuries, it just doesnt seem that we would start a rookie for no other reason then some people think he's the best thing since sliced bread. q should get his shot , and if it dont work out then bell or whoever will make it work
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