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Who will be our Punt Returner?

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  • Who will be our Punt Returner?

    Deltha has always been our putn returner ever since the year he was drafted. Now that he's gone, who do you think will fill his spot?
    Here are possibilities:

    Q- elusiveness

    Rod Smith- he returned a putn for a TD last year

    Tatum Bell- has great spead (runs 40 in 4.34)

    Luke- Great speed (40 in 4.30) but will he make the team?

    These are my suggestions, what do you all think?
    "HOW THEY GONNA TRY ME LIKE DAT?!"- Champ Bailey

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    well we picked a lot of guys in this draft who were all punt returners in college! and about Luke maby making the team we have already signed him. but i have a feeling that we will put a 1st year in there! i wouldnt risk as of now our only sure WR in smith. i think lelie will be great but still you just cant risk that.


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      I would have to say MarTay Jenkins should be our main KR and PR. He did it well in Arizona with the Cardinals. He's real fast. As well as Triandos Luke or Jeremy LeSueur can do the duties. I'd like to see Champ Bailey do it on occasion. Like how Deion Sanders would do it every now and then when they really needed a big return. But wouldn't want him doin' it as much from the fear of having him get hurt.

      I really think the biggest improvement on this team is the team speed. We are gonna be a lot faster and quicker this year. Maybe not as much on Offense though. But you'll see it on Defense and on Special Teams.


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        Luke, LeSeur and Reuben

        Look at this guy!!! He is kicking some asses!!!

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          Originally posted by Helderht_
          Luke, LeSeur and Reuben
          I don't know about wanting Reuben Droughns doing the KR or PR duties. Even though I love the guy he's a lil' too slow for my liking back there. But putting him back there as the Safety KR being the last blocker for the KR is a good idea. Like what he did last year.


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            Leseur will be the PR. Madise and.....hmmm....Droughns will be returning the kickoffs.


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              If Luke makes the roster, I wouldn't mind seeing a guy with that kind of explosiveness get a shot at it.
              Originally posted by boltzpride619
              What's so funny is seeing all this mess that the Donks and the fans have placed on themselves. Can you say Raiders.

              Originally posted by RunByDesign
              True comedy is observing the Self Imploding Organization that is the Raiders and then asking yourself this question:

              What separates them (Raiders) from us (Chargers)

              Answer: Championships.


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                Originally posted by Perry1977
                Leseur will be the PR. Madise and.....hmmm....Droughns will be returning the kickoffs.
                My money is still on MarTay Jenkins. I've seen the guy return kicks before. Real good and runs like a Gazelle. Real smooth runner.


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                  You gotta believe we will only have one first year guy as a kick returner. Last year Madise had an awesome return that almost went all the way, and then in the same game he dropped the ball!! Droughns is my pick because he's really the only guy with experience returning kickoffs in the NFL. Q is too valuable now to do it.

                  This is Madise's year baby!!