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    Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
    No, I said that things needed to be drastically improved by next season, meaning this team is a clear division winner and fighting for homefield advantage in the playoffs.

    This season I'm pretty much expecting the unexpected.

    My reaction will be the same as it was after the past three losses. Nothing has changed. There is a fundamental flaw in this team somewhere that goes beyond simple youth and inexperience. I have expectations that we'll play better but it's too hard to determine with this team. We may get an upset. We may simply be beat. We may also get clobbered. This game can go all different directions.

    That said, I think fans will be more willing to entertain letting Shanahan go than they have been if we lose this game in a way similar to the San Diego loss. This is a 'what have you done for me?' lately League, and four consecutive losses (3 at home) to AFC opponents will have fans fuming.
    Actually, I think a huge problem with team is youth and inexperience. We have a QB,WR,O-line, D-line players that are either rookies or second year players. In the case of Cutler, he hasnt played 16 games yet.
    The FA picked up have only worked with the team for a limited time.
    Team chemistry is what the problem is. The only way to get that is to play together and generate it.
    There are already connections between Marshall and Cutler and Scheffler.
    Did you see the press conference today? Hilarous stuff!
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    "You find ways to win and certainly you can find ways to's not just dumb luck."
    -Sean Payton


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      Originally posted by JoRo View Post
      I was just showing more people around the board what people are saying and a statistical look at it and my attempt at optimism... by no means am I saying we will lose, but I figure if we are gonna struggle this year the good news is April should be exciting.
      The purpose of the draft?

      To do well in the season.

      We're currently half a game back in our division, and you're getting excited for April? We still control our own destiny, if we win out, we're in the playoffs. Not that we'll win out, but we're no where NEAR out of the playoff hunt.

      The lack of intelligence shown on this board is startling and disheartening.



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        Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
        I don't think anyone realistically thinks this team is a Super Bowl contender with the way it's played through the first five games.

        But I also think there aren't any excuses for what happened at home Vs. San Diego. Young or no, that was flat out embarrassing.
        I believe we will win the Super Bowl! I got faith in our Broncos, we will win it all.


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          Originally posted by PowderAddict View Post
          You don't suppose many of the problems on defense could have anything to do with the injuries?

          I guess Shanahan is to blame for Courtney Brown and Ebenezer Ekuban (not like we could use those two), Al Wilson and Sam Brandon.

          Where are our biggest weaknesses on defense?

          Oh yeah, areas where injuries have effectively either ended the careers, or at least the seasons, of several starters.

          Now watch the O-line struggle and somehow that will be Shanahans fault too
          When I see teams like New England, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh dominate opponents despite serious injuries they have at critical positions, I refuse to give this as an excuse for the Broncos, and I seriously doubt you'll see Shanahan use it, either.


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            Unbelievable!!! Those people who are hoping we lose the rest of the games and get a good draft pick are killin me. Are you telling me that even if we got the best pick in the draft, that that one person would make us a super bowl contender? I would much rather have our young players start to connect as a team and bring it together to get to the playoffs than lose games and not play well together. One player will not help the whole team play better. I like the young players we have on both sides of the ball. Lets get back at those Steelers for that championship game. GO BRONCO!!!!!