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Bates system shelved during bye week!!

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    The Broncos reportedly got rid of assistant head coach/defense Jim Bates' system during their Week 6 bye.

    "We just don't have the personnel to play it," a Denver insider told The addition of Bates and Dre' Bly excited us in the offseason about Denver's fantasy defense, but they haven't delivered. This might be bad news for Broncos middle linebacker D.J. Williams' statistics.

    Can this be the turn around we need?
    well, i dont know what their plans are for the rest of the season, but one thing i liked when they went into the Tapma 2 they moved Lynch to Strong Safety, i really think that is the right position for him and that he is perfect for that spot, now if they can get Hamza Abdullah healthy they can put him in at Free Safety and they will have a Young, Fast, Agile, Hard Hitter in the spot where they need one.
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      The pressure put on the QB was amazing. I can't believe this is the same team. If they just keep letting them be aggresive and make plays the future is bright. If they go back to everybody "holding their position" and getting picked apart I will be disappointed. What's even more promising to me is the fact that Champ didn't play and that Rothlisburger is well above average at avoiding sacks. Imagine how many more sacks they would have had if that had been a less mobile QB(which is 80% of the leagues QB's). If it weren't for that the Broncos would have gotten off the field on third down a lot better and this game would have been a blow out. If you go back to the beginning of the season and look at the first 6 games on the schedule you would have been satisfied with a 4-2 record. 3-3 isn't that bad and although there are a lot of road games left the schedule is considerably easier from this point on.


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        I'm kind of surprised there hasn't been any press coverage of this. I still can't find anything about this other than the original article.