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  • Originally posted by Jazzman1987 View Post
    Fire the previous D coordinator and bring in somebody to fix it, only to have it worse than last year. kinda funny if you think about it
    I would've used the word "devastating" but whatever...


    • I think he will be OK, especially if we haven't heard anything about it today.


      • Most of my family is from New Hampshire/Boston so they're Red Sox/Patriot fans.
        Atleast the Broncos do well against the Patriots every time they've gone against them.


        • Originally posted by BroncoDude87 View Post
          I do live in Packer country. I get so sick of hearing Packers this and Packers that and make a big deal about Brett Favre. My mom is Packer fan and my whole moms side of the family are Packer fans, it just makes me sick.And my uncle told me someday you'll convert into a packer fan and I'm like I don't know about that.It's totally unfair.
          I know how you feel.

          I hate the Packers!!!


          • Just face it, guys...

            We are a mediocre team this year. Yes, we had high expectations after our great offseason. We have stars and future stars on the team, and we are in good shape for the coming years with Jay, Brandon, Selvin, Sheff, and our young o-line and d-line core. But for one or another reason, we just cant get it together this year, whether it be the many injuries to our starters our coaching changes we havn't adjusted too yet, or our team not gelling. We are mediocre this year, and thats all there is too it.

            However, if you look at all the promise we have with our young players and our semi-young veterans, we have a good outlook for the future. So dont get dicouraged, because we will be right back to competing next year, and the years beyond. For now though, lets just support our team as is, through the frusterating and bitter moments knowing we have a bright future here.


            • Travis Henry & our running game

              Did anyone expect more than one rushing touchdown through eight weeks?

              His yards are good ok, but the Broncos, and their always high powered running game have only rushed for three TD's this season. One By Henry, one by Sapp, and one by Cutler.

              Peyton manning has more rushing TD's than ANY Broncos player, with two.

              I realize we are morphing into a passing team, to keep with the times, but Manning learned the hard way, sometimes you have to pound the rock to win.

              I hate to question Shannahan, because he's been a proven winner for a long time. But with a RB who is notorious for not going down upon first contact, shouldn't he have more than one TD?

              I like the "riverboat gambler", but sometimes you just have to pound it in there, three, or four straight times is nessesary.

              If Manning has more rushing TD's at the end of the year, than our starting RB's, thats just rediculous.


              • Originally posted by FireShanahan View Post
                What are you talking about he don't want to be here. If that's the case, no one wants to be here because the defense as a whole suck. Why didn't Champ get any blame? He did the same as Dre but worst because he fell on the play. It was good coverage by both guys but better throws by a great QB. You weren't saying that last week when Bly held his own against Pitt and stayed in the game with a bruised shoulder. Did you? The corners played good but the safety play is the problem. The safety on that play was suppose to be able to play both deep halves by rolling to what ever side the ball was thrown on. Cox. He bit on the play action and got burned. Dre was still with the guy but it was a great throw without safety help who should have never let anyone get behind him. Cox, got yo go. It seems like every time he subs for someone, he misses his assignment. I do agree, if Bates is soooooo good, why wasn't he signed before we got him? Or like you said, "why isn't he in GB or Miami." I always thought about that. Hmm. lol.

                Great post, I completely agree. To answer your question:

                Bates is not in Miami because they brought in Nick Saban for the head coaching job over him. So he left and went to Green Bay. After mike sherman left, he was in the running for the Head coaching job there, but in the end was passed up for Mike McCarthy. In both Miami and GB, the new coaches, current players and organization Begged him to stay on. He will be fine once he gets the personell that we need. We really need upgrades at both safety spots, another big DT and a new starting MLB and SLB and move DJ back to Weakside. Once we get that and all of those guys get comfortable with one another, aka chemistry, then we will be a top five defense for a while.

                On a side note, I had a dream last night that we drafted Kenny Philips, Red Bryant, and Tom Zbikosky in the first three rounds. Not sure how we got the third rounder but we did. Just thought I would share my dream. Its gay but oh well.
                09-17-08: OFFICIALLY BACKING JARVIS MOSS TO TURN INTO ONE HELL OF A DEFENSIVE END WITHIN THE NEXT TWO YEARS.-we are all allowed one mistake, right?

                Loved McD 's first full FA. Can't wait to see the draft.

                2010 Draft WISHlist:

                Any center since we don't have one.


                • Originally posted by bokzer View Post
                  Just got back from the stadium and I can't believe what I saw. First congrats to Brett Farve, you can't dislike the guy, he is truely an all time great. Now to our Broncos:
                  Can we get a defense. Ok I keep hearing how our defensive coordinator Jim Bates's defensive scheme is a winner. Yeah after 10 games!!!!!! I understand it takes the whole off season and 10 games before the Bates defense starts to understand the scheme and starts finding gaps and making plays. Apparently it took his defense in Miami (2004) and Packers (2005) a lengthy amount of time before they began to produce. My comment to that is who has a season left after 10 games of a pourous defense? My next question is, if Bates is soooo good after 10 games, why is'nt he still in Green Bay or Miami?
                  Oh one other thing, I don't beleve Dre Bly's heart is in this team. He really never wanted to play out West, he wanted to be on the East Coast near his family. I don't believe that if he was a Washington Redskin or other East Coast team in the same situation as he was in tonight, he would allow a wide receiver to get behind him in overtime with the game on the line.

                  If you did go to this game, or ANY of the other home games this year, you may have seen Bly trying to get the crowd into the game. Almost begging the crowd, and getting pumped up himself.

                  Probably didn't get a whole lot of that in Detroit. Yes, he got beat. Bad.

                  To say Blys heart isn't in the game, after making a couple GREAT interceptions, on one, even injuring himself to make a catch that nobody would have blamed him for letting bounce off the ground, to me, is just crazy talk.

                  He loves the game, he's playing his heart out, and he's interacting with the Denver faithfull. I think his hearts just fine.


                  • Originally posted by RIP#27#29 View Post
                    Two words for you: Rebuilding season. People dont want to hear it, but its true. And saying the Bly's heart isnt in this team is BS. Sorry, but just to let you know... He played injured during the steelers game. He said that he knew that his team needed him. Bailey was out during the steelers game and he knew the broncos needed him. He made excellent plays. Tonight he just gambled and ended up on the short side of the stick. Excellent players get burnt burnt too, it happens. Give him some slack.
                    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

                    I think we have enough talent that I would not refer to this as a rebuilding year.

                    We should be way better than this.

                    Kubiak and Coyer would have had this group ready to play.

                    They would understand the players, their strength's, their weaknesses, and put them in a position to win.

                    On offense we would play with some imagination.

                    On defense we would be more aggressive.

                    The only coach that I can say is doing a good job is Rick Dennison, the rest seems to be the good ol boys network, if your Shanny's don't have to be accountable to anyone, you'll still get a paycheck.


                    • Originally posted by Artamentous View Post

                      We've had one good offensive performance, and that was off a bye week.
                      __________________________________________________ _______________________________________

                      Our best performance WAS the bye week.