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    I have never thought much of Favre as a qb.....just always thought he was average....or maybe a little bit better than average........he does have alot of passing yards though....and alot of wins......hard to dispute that , I guess.

    I just hope Cutler doesn't throw as many interceptions as Favre has.....and I hope he wins more than 1 Favre has...
    My 3 favorite teams:
    1.The Denver Broncos
    2.The Ohio State Buckeyes
    3.Any team who plays Michigan


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      Originally posted by DancingHorsey View Post
      You make fun of that guy for what he said, and then rank Manning's arm ahead of Favre's?
      you do know i'm talking about currently, not 6 years ago right?


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        A month or two ago, I think it was Jim Armstrong that reported that Javon Walker said Farve threw the ball harder that Jay. Since Walker played with both, I'd say his word is as good as anyone's.

        And I think people are really discounting Daryl Hackney's arm, our QB on the practice squad...At the scouting combine last year, Cutler's throwing velocity was the second best at the combine...Hackney was first.

        This kid Hackney is a helluva athelete...Problem is, he's only 5'10".


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          I wonder what Favres velocity is throwing off his back foot.

          Get him boys.


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            After watching cutler. I really think he uses the throws off the back foot to take some musturd off the ball. It can get him in trouble at times but it seems to come very natural to him to do that. So he uses it for some of the touch on it.


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              Originally posted by AsianOrange View Post
              I always like Phil Simms and how he supports the Broncos as one of the elite teams in the league. Thanks for the heads up Gem, I plan to download that podcast as soon as it becomes available.
              LOL! Are you kidding me? Simms is anti-Denver, period. He always has been.
              Originally posted by Soldier96B
              i also took a crap and it was orange