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Defense?? for real or a fluke??

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    Now I've seen alot of people thinking we scrapped Bate's scheme,which I think isn't true. The differences I saw during the game were not so much the ends lining up tighter, they were still wide on obvious passing plays. To me the Broncos have been showing improvement on defense since the Indy game. I believe our run defense before that was blown completely out of proportion, I mean the Broncos have allowed 3 RB's to go over 100 yards during a game. The only real difference I saw in the game Sunday night, aside from he coverage (aforementioned Tampa 2) I saw the Broncos playing with heart, and alot of it. Oh and it also helps if the LB's actually stayed in their gaps, AND made tackles.
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      We seen what they are capable of doing last Sunday against Pittsburg. Now lets see if they can play that way consistently.

      I know they can do it. They did faulter a little in the second half. I'll take another last minute win by a field goal over a loss any day.

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        Originally posted by Broncos2024 View Post
        Yah the freaking stealers 6th best offense in the league avg. 26.7 points a game and we held the 5th best running back in the league to under 100 yards yah i'd say defense had a good game on sunday. He is also the 2nd in the league for avg yards a game at 100 so i say our defense really stepped it up.

        So here's to more production from our defense

        So basically a team comes into our house and scores more points then they have been averaging, including 3 straight TD drives in the second half giving up our big lead.

        So yea, I guess that's improvement but I'm not exactly thrilled.


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          Let's not forget that this defensive unit is totally revamped. It will take a few more games for them to come together. We have a good mix of youth and veteran players and I think the second half of the season is going to show exactly what their suppose to be like. . . . . . . . . .I hope