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    Didn't look average in pass protection

    Originally posted by delaranta View Post
    Personally, I think this offense should be averaging 30 pts a game, but with Nalen and the left guard (I sat here for five minutes and couldn't remember his name) out for the year, and Lepsis looking like he's not all the way back from the ACL he suffered last year, the o-line is average.
    We haven't had a game dominated by our run offense in the past few weeks. But that's hard to do when you're getting steamrolled. But I'm not sure I'd agree just yet that our oline is just average. You don't have a green QB complete 75% of his passes and remarkably a TON of third and long situations without some darn good protection. We'll have to see how the whole season plays out before we give final grades but I'd say the oline looked pretty good against a TOUGH 3-4 defense that usually beats the tar out of us.
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      I agree that they played well this week, but overall I don't feel like they have been a top ten line. They run the ball well, but pass protection has been a problem. You can offset that with three step drops and play action, but a lot of Cutler's success this year has come from his athletic ability. He seems to be very proficient at avoiding the rush while still looking to throw downfield. He also doesn't get rattled when he is under pressure. Also, don't forget that Shanahan had two weeks to break down the Steelers defense and exploit their weaknesses.
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