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Globalizing the nfl

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    Originally posted by mr cowboy74 View Post
    For those of you who are offended by my original post, sorry, but again this has nothing to do with being a bigot. Let me give you some background info on me. My mother was Spanish, my father was American Indian. My half sister has 3 children that I love dearly, they are half African-American. My step-daughter has 3 children that are half Mexican, as is my grandson, also my Godparents were from Mexico. My wife hails from an Irish and French Canadian decent and one of my best friends who I consider to be a brother is half Japanesse. Bottom line, I have no room in my life to be a bigot. This is all about the economic side of this issue. But I will tell you this, if the NFL and the hosting country would like to write a big fat check to the US Government for those lost wages and give them directly to the people that would be affected, then sure, let another country have the games, just don't make the American public pick up the tab. Is that better for the people that seem to be fixed on other issues? I come from a world of diversity in ethnic backgrounds, don't judge me base on your own insecurities.
    Sorry, but some of your comments do come across as bigoted.

    Instead of being so inward looking, why not be proud of a fantastic American product, and grateful of the opportunity to show it off up close and personal to the world? Considering that the Wembley game was sold out with tickets starting at over $100, I'd say that the US government will get a nice slice in tax off the league anyway................

    And what next? Should film comanies not film abroad, as it would be depriving local Hollywood companies of profit?
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      Originally posted by DenverDs.d. View Post
      Goodell wants to globalize and I think this is a horrible idea.

      This is Americas game.

      I am not happy to say this but i think the nfl as we know and love is about to end

      What a stupid idea, honestly. We've already seen that won't work. (World League, anybody?) The rest of the world plays a sport called "soccer" [or even futbol, fancy that]. Football will not catch on over there, and likewise soccer has not had the same success over here. You already had your shot, and got feedback. Stop being stereotypical arrogant Americans, trying to ram your culture down other people's throats.

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        globalizing the nfl

        the nfl has developed quite afollowing overseas in the last 25 years. i think goddell wants to expose the rest of the world to "AMERICAS GAME" i don't think we will see any overseas franchises in the near future, but who knows. Footballs problem overseas is it has to compete with soccer (what a ******* boaring game that is yeech !!!!!). In looking at the NHL and the NBA there are now many worldwide that are playing these sports and Goddell, does not want the NFL to be left behind.


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          Originally posted by Bronco Axe View Post
          all the while Monday nights ratings are LOWER then ever,

          This is true yet untrue.

          MNF has an average audience of 10.177 million households, marking the first time ESPN has consistently delivered an average audience of more than nine million. It ranks second in cable television history behind the one time NAFTA debate in 1993 between Vice President Al Gore and Ross Perot, which delivered an audience of 11.1 million households.

          This is lower then ABC, but that's because ESPN is only on about 83% of American households.

          The year before it switched, ABC averaged around 11.7 million households.

          So, with a 17% drop in reach, the drop has been about 1.7 million households, or around a 14.5% drop.

          Proportionate to the number of people they can reach, they actually doing better than ABC.

          It's the highest rated 'series' program in the history of cable TV.

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