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Would you be happy if the Broncos pulled the crap the Pats did?

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    Originally posted by nateburf View Post
    If that's what it takes to be "one of the greatest coaches of all time," so be it. We should be so lucky as to be on the recieving end of such hate and discontent.

    Give us their record, points, and statistics. I would love to be the most hated team in the NFL for that reason.

    Undefeated, scoring 40+ points a game? Yeah, I'll take that hate on in a second!


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      sooner or later somebody will be hurt during a play like that, then it will all be in perspective for them.

      I'd like to be there to see it too!
      dont let him pull dat move on ya, dont let him pull that move.......................oh no dats da move! TOUCHDOWN!!!

      I tried to warn ya.


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        i hate the pats but its all about what happened earlier this year. they cheated and got caught and people questioned their wins. now everything is clicking for them and they have alot to prove. and as scary as it may be they are proving it and not holding back. they have definatly proved that they are the team to beat


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          Originally posted by nateburf View Post
          This is an interesting poll. Does it really matter if they go for it or not. Either they kick the field goal and the other team loses, or they go for it and whatever happens there, the other team loses. If football was played with compassion for the other team, everyone would be running around trying to lose in order to not hurt anyones feelings. Let's look back to the San Diego game shall we. Did they show any mercy? No, because we didn't play well. In some instances, points for and against matter, so why should we diminish our own stats. When will people learn, soft and sweet is not the answer to everything.
          No. I has NOTHING to do with trying to be "nice" or "sweet" to the other team. I has EVERYTHING to do with the word "Sportsmanship." That doesn't mean go soft. That means showing RESPECT for the other team when you have already CLEARLY shown you are the better team.

          Choosing to kick that FG shows that you aren't "trying" to just run up the score for the sake of running up the score, because kicking that FG is in the spirit of the game. Did the Patriots really need that additional FOUR points?? No. Would it have changed the game? No. So there was only ONE purpose of trying for that additional TD, and that was to run up the score. THAT is bad sportsmanship.

          Its NOT jealousy of the NE Patriots for those trying to make THAT brilliant statement. Jealousy doesn't have anything to do with recognizing when a winning team is showing a LACK OF CLASS and respect for the other team and coaches. Blatantly scoring touchdowns (when you are already UP by 5 touchdowns), is a SLAP IN THE FACE to a team that has already been beaten to a pulp.

          Guys.. Men... its like SPITTING in a man's face. As you know, there are very few things as disrespectful as spitting in a mans face. In sports, when you have beaten a team to the ground and proven that you are the better team... WHY spit in their face? Belicheck spit in the Redskin's face.

          The thing I find irritating more than anything else, is just how many people don't know WHAT sportsmanship is. They think it has to do with the money earned, or it has to do with the final score. It doesn't. It doesn't have to do with how badly the Redskins were playing or that they couldn't stop the run. It DOESN'T.

          It has EVERYTHING to do with the very ACT of going for it on 4th and 1 inside the 15 yrd line when you are already up by FIVE Touchdownsin the 4th quarter. It wouldn't even matter if the Patriots converted the 1st down, because it wasn't the additional points that made it 'bad sportsmanship.' It was the mere fact that Belicheck was SLAPPING Gibbs and the Redskins in the face, and shouting to EVERYONE that he didn't feel they deserved an ounce of RESPECT.

          Why do you suppose, that Joe Gibbs.. a man that is HIGHLY regarded in this sport and is known as one of the classiest people in the NFL... WALKED off the field without even shaking Belicheck's hand? Because shaking the opposing teammates hand is a sign of RESPECT, and Belicheck just showed that he deserves NONE.


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            I know everyone thiks that what the Pats did on Sunday was obnoxious, I personally disagree. It is probably that exact mentality that makes them as good as they are, so no I wouldn't mind if the Broncos did the same thing.

            My adopted Bronco Is Matt Prater


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              Originally posted by JayCutler4MVP!!!
              Heres an article and Redskins thoughts on the "running the score up"


              They think just like me.

              How about playing some defense.

              Of course everyone is different but just stop your whining.

              A football game is 60 minutes long.
              End of story.
              THANK you for this example.... JCMVP.... because you know what this is? This is an example of the REDSKINS showing sportsmanship!! They aren't being sore losers and pointing fingers and making excuses. They aren't "whining" to the press about their loss. THAT is sportsmanship. More so than the Patriots showed them.

              As far as US whining. LEARN what a discussion is and realize because people KNOW what bad sportsmanship is and what it isn't.. doesn't make it "whining." The only one whining, is those complaining about US discussing it.


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                Its no different, than if you are up by 5 TDs at the end of the game, and you have the ball with less than a minute left... the other team has no timeouts, and instead of you just kneeling to end the game, you Go for FOUR Hail Mary Bombs to score once more.

                Its the SAME thing.


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                  Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
                  So what?

                  I'm sure if you asked Tom Brady or Randy Moss, they'd tell you they want to stay in the whole game, whether they're down by 40 or up by 40. If they want to be in there and they get injured running up the score, why should you care? Are you a Patriots fan? Do we play them this year? Is them possibly winning out going to affect us in the slightest?

                  This boils down to one thing: jealousy. We're jealous of the Patriots because they're doing what we all thought Denver could have done and was going to do during the past 10 years. Instead, Denver's become an average to slightly-above-average football team and the Patritos have become the toast of the NFL and the class of the AFC. So being the type of fans we are, we call them cheaters when they're really not, and now we call them dirty for being that damn good. Basically, they're damned if they do, damned if they don't with us and the rest of the NFL. So why shouldn't they humiliate these teams? They're going to be hated regardless. I say good for them. If they have that kind of talent and they want to risk injury to their players just to prove a point, more power to them. It doesn't affect us at all this season so I don't understand why we're getting our panties twisted in a bunch.

                  You are asking me if I am a Patriot's fan? Are you kidding? My sig should clear that up. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. I didn't post a thing during the video scandal. I just think the way the Broncos did it in 98 is a better way to go for a lot of reasons.
                  Proud Bronco fan since 1975. I just wish every football player out there today was more like my man Rod Smith. Knowing we will never see him on the field again is very hard. He gave everything he had and left his guts on the field. I will miss him.


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                    Originally posted by T55Bird View Post
                    You are asking me if I am a Patriot's fan? Are you kidding? My sig should clear that up. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. I didn't post a thing during the video scandal. I just think the way the Broncos did it in 98 is a better way to go for a lot of reasons.
                    The Broncos weren't accused to cheating that season, nor did they have virtually the entire national and local media turn on them as they did at the beginning of the year.

                    It's two totally different circumstances. I have no doubt if Shanahan were accused of cheating that year, he'd had done more to make a statement to the rest of the league.


                    • A PROFESSIONAL TEAM would not do this kind of thing.

                      The Pats are the Frat Boy, Date Rapers of the NFL.
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                      • why didn't the redskins just start throwing all out blitzes at brady? You are down by 5 touchdowns, they are still going to throw, why not send laron landry and sean taylor and london fletcher at tom brady full speed? Hit him as hard as you can, take out your frustrations on him. They are out there running up the score on you trying to embarass you when they should have all their starters on the bench and running dive plays for the last quarter. If you don't think what the pats did was unsporstmanlike, I don't see how blitzing EVERYONE just to try to hammer brady would be any worse. I really think it is only a matter of time before this happens.

                        People will say this sounds unsportsmanlike. To that, I respond that Belichek is the epitomy of unsporstmanlike.