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    Originally posted by AussieBronco9 View Post
    It's not about making excuses, but no one can deny that injuries have an impact.

    Although I wouldn't put Wilson in that category, he was cut before the season.
    that's my point.....

    no one can deny that Denver would be a better football team if they didn't have so many injured players.....
    "I'm also serious when I say: You can't stop Elvis Dumervil; you can only hope to contain him." -Peter King-

    -The best in the business-


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      Originally posted by TheMastermind View Post
      Will people stop blaming coaches and players.....

      Denver doesn't have a full many dang injuries.....

      No team can overcome THIS many injuries to key players.....
      This is the NFL... every team plays with injuries and you are only as good as your backups. Last night the game was there for the winning..the Broncos had several chances to win the game.
      Go Broncos !!



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        well.... I can both agree and disagree with this post, thing is our defense took a noticable hit once lynch left the game, each player we lose takes away one more aspect of our team, I noticed with lynch in vs pittsburg we suddenly could stop the run, this week we started off pretty good against the run, then lynch went out and that messed us up all over the place. I think we with better playcalling/execution still could have won the game but I will for sure admit these injuries are killing us, it seems like every week someone new gets injured, I was worried we were going to get lynch williams AND thomas out though thomas seems to have roughed it out though we'll have to wait out info on the other two.

        I realized I may get accused of being fairweather for this but seriously, wake me up when next season starts.....I can't take watching us get beatup weekin and week out.....I love my bronco's and I've visted this board daily for well over two years (I just never post normally) but this weeks loss to me hurt worse than the chargers game a few weeks ago, because last week got me all fired up and smellin the division lead (we're still not out of it I know) but this week to be so close and just lose like that it sucks.......and I got the remote spiking trifeca this week thanks in part to the rockies/broncos and bobby labonte wrecking in nascar.....not a good week in sports.....oh well look out here come the lions!