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Brandon Marshall..shakin and bakin!

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    Marshall's a monster. We should run more screens, he has potential to maek a big play happen whenever he touches the ball.


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      It's sad that Cutler can't get the ball to him.
      My goal isn't to just play football. It isn't just to start. I want to win the Super Bowl. I want to be a Pro Bowl player. In time, I'll prove I'm a top-notch receiver in the NFL.
      - Brandon Marshall


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        Originally posted by deanver View Post
        Did you guys miss the couple of catches he could have made if he had given a little extra effort last night?

        No, but i saw the play where he was wide open 25 yards out but Cutler never looked away from stokely.


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          Marshall is a baller... he's always fired up. Look at this picture:


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            Was he out celebrating again after this game? Shakin not stirred maybe!


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              Originally posted by Gooshdawg View Post
              Was he out celebrating again after this game? Shakin not stirred maybe!
              ... thats pretty funny


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                Yea that play was awesome. It is hell of tough to bring him down. I just love watching him not get down on one shot. He doesn't wimp out like most Recievers.

                I think he should be the Punt returner.
                Imagine how dangerous he would be with the whole field to go?