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What's more frustrating than watching our defense?

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    Originally posted by MindField View Post
    I don't know, me, this is sort of like saying, "I would have lived through the war if I hadn't stepped on the landmine..."

    The Broncos gave up three incredibly long drives, including the 98 yarder that spun the clock, and kept the Broncos Offense on the sideline...just how they draw it up in NFL 101.

    ...and those 100 yards rushing came from a backup FB I had never heard of; I thought it was the reincarnation of Dorsey Levins for Christ sake. That tells you we lived up to our last-in-the-NFL-against-the run ranking.

    I still think the LB's are as horrible as the DT's, and I was making excuses for Bates, but now I don't know about him, either.....he has had some very strange Defensice alignments where there are huge gaps between the DT's....I mean if I can see it, you would think the opposing QB would simply audible into a run into the know, run it where they ain't...

    Anyway, I think last night was anything but a positive.

    Lose at Detroit, and as Dandy Don used to sing:

    "Turn out the liiiiiiiights....the party's over..."

    I think the majority of this board is understating the quality of competitor the Green Bay Packers are. They have a great O-line, a very solid WR corps, a hall of fame QB, and Grant (the RB) looked more like Larry Johnson then Dorsey Levens. Grant ran very hard and he looked pretty big and fast. He's an unknown at this moment, but lets give him a few games to see how he does. I think he could be a future star, he looked that good to me, that strong. I want to watch what he does for a few weeks.

    Anyway, I thought our defense played its best ball. It's amazing to me that nobody else feels that way. We didn't get the pass rush we had against Pittsburgh, but again, GB has a really good O-line, and they did a lot of short passes. And we lost John Lynch early on, which obviously threw our gameplan into flux.

    I thought the LBs and DTs did pretty well though, and I'm usually pretty critical of both areas. Also, the player interviews and the coach interviews seem to suggest the same thing. Both players and coaches feel that was their best game overall. We lost on three fluke plays, one of which (the fumble) was truly a fluke in every sense of the word.

    If I understand you correctly, you believe we played poorly because we gave up a 98 yard drive and we allowed 100 yards rushing to a no-name guy. The defense gave up a few 3rd down conversions, but it also held on the vast majority of them, hence the 13 regulation points. Long drives happen to the best from time to time though. And as for Ryan Grant, again, lets see what he does for a few games. He looked very good to me in terms of power and running style.


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      The Swiss Cheese defense is great on bread with ham, mayo, and mustard though.


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        seeing the old hag at the top of this web page is more frustrating.


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          Originally posted by Cugel View Post
          I can't really agree with all this.

          1. While it's true that the Packers scored only 13 points in regulation, a lot of that had to do with their own mistakes and penalties. I think on 1 series they had three penalties on offense that set them back and they still nearly made a first down.

          2. Once again the defense couldn't get off the field on third and long. That's been the story of the season and the biggest reason for the losses.

          3. Offensively, you know your team is going to struggle if you have your #1 WR and #1 RB miss the game due to injury. Thus, the only way for Denver to win was to shut down the Packers.

          4. This wasn't a hopeless idea either since the Packers have the worst running game in football and have to rely on the pass, while the Broncos had the best pass defense in the NFL. Unfortunately, both Bailey and Bly got beaten badly on long TDs and that was the game.

          Overall, this game didn't mean very much. This entire season is a learning experience for the team. Does anybody think for one second that if the Broncos somehow managed to get into the playoffs (and that remains possible after all) that they could GO anywhere?

          Can ANYBODY see this team beating either the Colts or Patriots in the playoffs? You really have to be wearing orange colored glasses to think they would have the slightest hope! It's a good thing the Broncos don't play the Patriots this year, because I've seen enough Bronco blowouts this season!

          It's obvious that Shanahan is playing his young players in the hopes of getting them some experience. He's got Crowder and Marcus Thomas and Dumervil playing BIG roles. It's just frustrating to watch them struggle.

          As for your statement that they played the run well. . . . This is the WORST running team in the NFL and they STILL managed to rush for over 100 yards -- for the first time in over a year. (I think they said the last Packer rusher to run for 100 yards was Ahman Green back in 2006).

          That's not a good performance.

          1) They had a few penalties on offense, but generally only on that one drive which knocked them off of the 1 yard line and made them settle for a TD. Some of those penalties could be contributed to their OT being worried about Simeon Rice's pass rush though. (Why, I dont know).

          2) The defense DID get off the field on 3rd and long. ANd 3rd down in general. Look at these stats:

          Packer Possession (1)
          3rd and 6 - Favre pass to Grant for 1 yard resulting in a punt

          Packer Possession (2)
          No 3rd downs, Favre threw bomb for TD on 1st play.

          Packer Possession (3)
          3rd and 3 - Favre pass to Lee for 6 yards and 1st down.
          3rd amd 4 - Grant up the middle for 3 yards resulting in field goal.

          Packer Possession (4)
          3rd and 1 - Grant offtackle for 4 yards and 1st down.
          3rd and 10 - Favre pass to Jennings for 20 yards
          3rd and 8 - Favre incomplete to Driver resulting in field goal

          Packer Possession (5)

          Packer Possession (6)
          3rd and 3 - Favre sacked by Dumervil resulting in a punt.

          Packer Possession (7)
          3rd and 9 - Favre pass to Driver for 17 yards and first down.
          3rd and 9 - Favre pass incomplete to Jones resulting in a punt.

          Packer Possession (8)
          Overtime, TD on first play to Jennings.

          So, looking at that data Cugel, we gave up two 3rd and somewhat long first downs. We stopped GB on 3rd down the majority of the time, and most of the time they were 3rd and short, so even better showing by our defense.

          3) We didn't really struggle offensively, both teams played ball control and soaked up the clock limiting possessions, but when we had the ball the offense rolled for the most part. Cutler had his best game of the year, Young looked solid, as did our WR corps. If any negative could be found, I'd say our O-line got bullied down near the goalline by the massive GB Packer D-line.

          4) I agree here. Bailey and Bly got smoked. Bailey on one play, Bly on about 3. That usually does not happen, but both CBs are hurt, so maybe or maybe not, that's an excuse.

          As for the rest of your post, I agree. This is a rebuilding year for us, but the beauty of it is that even in a rebuilding year, we have a shot to at least make the playoffs. Most other teams go 2-14. New schemes, tons of new players, and a slew of injuries to All-Pro performers. I think we're doing well all things considered, and I do expect to see our defense dominate before this season's over. I think we are really close now.


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            Well MUG, I will give a little credit where credit is due.... (you know I'm not happy about scheme)

            1) For the first time all year I saw alot of hats on the ball.

            2) When d-line was "allowed" to shoot the gaps they did pretty well.

            It makes perfect sense to me that Bly went on national TV, shot his mouth off, then loses the game for us. If we had to lose.......... I'm glad he was the reason, as a fan, I was embarrassed by his un-sportsmanlike comments and lack of class.


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              watching our offense

              17th in redzone efficiency - AWESOME.
              Running up that many yards and averaging less points per game than Jake did - TERRIFIC.
              Watching in horror as coach keeps the leash on a kid with so much talent - PRICELESS.
              "What I can promise is that...I’m going to play like my hair’s on fire. I’ve found that when you play that way, making plays just happens naturally.”