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Time for mutiny for D-players

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    Originally posted by PatrickdaDookie View Post
    I saw the title of the thread, but I already had this guy on ignore. Figures. =p
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    This is why some species eat their offspring.
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      Originally posted by DancingHorsey View Post
      The two bombs weren't exactly anomalous as you seem to think, seeing as they resulted from two conditions that have been constant all season: bad defensive play-calling and poor safety play in coverage. Sorry, but dismissing those two big plays to try and dismiss the fact that the defense isn't very good just doesn't hold water.

      That's a valid argument.

      I suppose I look at the 95% of the game where we played very well, and that seems like a vast improvement from the beginning of the season where the defense played well maybe 40% of the time at best.

      Obviously, we have to stop the big plays. Hopefully, that is coming, but I do see marked improvement from Game 1.

      And as for the Green Bay averages 65 yards rushing coming in argument, that's a very valid counterargument as well. And a very tough one to rebut, however, I suppose the best answer is that this was the first game they've used Ryan Grant, and we have to see if he's as good as he looked against us in the next few games against other foes. Obviously, if he rushes for 100+ yards each game, our effort looks much better. Is that likely? We'll see.