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Is Lynch done after this season?

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    Isn't this how Al Wilson ended up?
    My new favorite Bronco - KJ Hamler Guy plays inspiring football!.


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      From what I saw in the preseason, I really like Hamza as a replacement for John Lynch. This guy is a very tall, muscular safety who has shown better speed than both lynch and fergy. I'm sure everyone here knows that this guy lays the wood down on a regular basis and is just what this D needs. As you all have probably noticed, John Lynch has been losing his not so fast to begin with step progressively through out these passed three seasons, this one by far being his worst.

      I think our safeties are what saved our running game in seasons passed, and this year they are a complete non-factor in both the run game and the passing game.

      Bring on Hamza Abdullah!!! and use a draft pick on a ball hawk safety to get the other old fart(nick) out of there.


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        Lynch isn't done after this season... he's done NOW. I remember predicting that he was done in this space back in August and everyone told me I was crazy and didn't know football.
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          I am with some of the other posters concerning Abdullah.

          I love Lynch. There is no doubt he is an important leader on our team.

          However, he is getting slower, and I am getting to the point where I am concerned about his health. I think that this should be his last year. Too good of a guy to get a life threatening injury.

          In a perfect world, I'd like to see Abdullah and Lynch lined up. Nothing against Fergy, just think Abdullah was a playmaker this preseason. If Lynch isn't able to go, I'd rather see Abdullah and Fergy than Fox and Fergy. Heck, if the coaches are looking to get Fox on the field, go with Fox and Abdullah. If we are going to learn as a young team this year, lets move that way and get these guys some experience.

          Highly doubtful that Foxworth wants to play saftey though. He definitely isn't a permanent fixture at saftey.

          Probably going to have to draft one next year.
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            Im all about seeing what Hamza Abdullah can do.

            I dont know how far back his hip injury set him back.

            But I have been real disappointed with the Lynch,Ferguson combo this year.
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