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    Well hey, we're still 1 game behind

    After Denver does some street sweeping to find us some players since everyone's hurt, we can play next week's game in hopes that we tie.

    Both San Diego and KC lost today.

    Here's to the superbowl with a new team since the start of the season.
    Very happy to have Tebow in orange and blue!!!

    Team Tebow #16


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      Hope your kidding...

      Thanks Snk


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        Originally posted by dlewis76 View Post
        I couldn't have said it any better myself. I hate it, but this is the realistic view of how it would be. We would be the whipping boy of the playoffs.
        Naturally, because we won the division we would host a playoff game. We'd be looking at something like this:

        1. New England
        2. Indianapolis
        3. Pittsburgh
        4. Denver?
        5. Tennessee
        6. Jacksonville or Cleveland or Baltimore

        We'd be matched up against the Titans, and to make the playoffs we'll probably have the beat the Titans. As they say, you have to beat playoff teams if you want to be a playoff team (except the Jets of last year). What I'm saying is if we actually managed to make the playoffs it's not out of the question for us to actually make it to the second round. New England and Indianapolis can't beat us if they're on byes

        Granted, the further we get the worse draft pick we get and we can all agree that we're not getting past both New England and Indianapolis (or either). Alls I'm saying is we wouldn't necessarily be dead in the water if we did manage to make the playoffs, not until the second round anyway.


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          Originally posted by Deltagbear View Post
          Given up??? Do you still believe in Santa? How about the Easter Bunny? How abot a Broncos SuperBowl this year? All three of those are the EXACT same...

          Make believe
          Whoa! The Tooth Fairy is too real!
          The clever man delivers reasonable, rational, and sometimes irrefutable arguments. The wise man understands the futility of reasonable, rational, and irrefutable arguments. I'm neither wise, nor, I suspect, very clever.


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            Are you guys frickin serious? You really want the Broncos to get into the playoffs? The rag-tag Broncos, IN THE PLAYOFFS? That's a DISASTER!

            Plus, it means a LOWER draft pick, like in the 20's... AGAIN!

            Do you guys honestly believe the Broncos are going to beat the Colts, Pats, and whoever else in the playoffs, and get to the Super Bowl, and actually WIN the Super Bowl with the way they've been playing this season?