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    Insanity = doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result.

    Sounds eerily like the last 3 seasons to me. I don't count the 4 years after Elway as that was to be expected. But any intelligent coach would see that, lay out a plan for the future that built in the rebuilding period and stick to it.

    Rebuilding is not plugging leaks with FA. It's taking young players, teaching them the system, playing them and weeding out the ones that don't get it. Rebuilding means building your organization from the draft, grooming them (like we do with RB's) and if your team is fortunate enough to be in the playoff hunt, snatching a FA or two.

    IF Shanahan had done that, if he had taken advantage of those 4 years to rebuild on a specific and deliberate plan, we'd be competitive right now, atop the AFC West at 5-3 at the worst. Instead, there was never any plan besides recycling has-beens and druggies, hoping they would adapt.

    I agree that Shanny is one of the best HC's ever...but its time for the insanity to stop.