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Anyone ever wonder what Elway is thinking?

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    Originally posted by Broncos-forever View Post
    actually he is probably saying retirement is good (as he is looking at his super bowl rings)
    Thats Prob exactly it! ..

    and he is prob more concerned on how the Orange Crush are doing


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      GET OVER JOHN ELWAY!!!!!!! He is gone, he is retired, so it doesn't matter in any way what he, Plummer, Van Pelt, the Pope, George Bush, Tony Blair, or about 3 billion other people think of the Broncos. The team is having a rough season, and will definately need to take the rest of this season, and the offseason to re-think and re-vitalise this team. Personally I don't think any one person is to blame here, it's been a combination of alot of things that have brought us to this point. Mike Shannahan, Pat Bowlen, the rest of the coaching staff, and most definately the players ALL need to take a good hard look and decide what is best for the team, because at the end of the day, those are the opinions that matter, and the ones that will determine the future sucesses or failures of the entire Broncos orginazation.

      My adopted Bronco Is Matt Prater