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    Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post

    Free Agent Goals (Defense): 1-2 Starting DTs, Free Safety, OLB depth

    Draft Goals (Defense): 1-2 DTs, FS, SS, 1-2 OLBs.

    Summary: I think our team is much better then it is showing. I truly believe that if we fix the DT position, our LBs will be very good again almost instantly. This happened in Baltimore. Ray Lewis went from great to crap and then back to great again once they drafted Haloti Ngata to clog for him. Big DTs really do make that big of a difference in certain schemes, such as ours. I think our offense is fine, it just needs to avoid injuries. Alot of our young guys are developing this year, so the team should improve just as a matter of course. Plug back in a few key injured players such as Ekuban, Walker, Smith, Nalen, and Hamilton, along with some new talent at Free Safety and Defensive Tackle, and we should have a Playoff run next season.
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    Nice post, I agree with your talent evaluation.

    If you look at my draft, I think Phillips will be a stud, I also think Johnson has the hands and the speed for a return man.

    Keep an eye on those two as we move forward.


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      My short term plan as GM

      2007 SEASON

      Pull the plug. I can’t fix this team this season (fatally flawed on defense plus too many key injuries).

      Play as many young guys as possible.

      Cliché, but I need to use the last eight games re-evaluate everybody including the janitor. I must determine if any of these young guys can really play. By “really play”, I mean, are any of them NFL quality starters who I would be confident with when push comes to shove in the playoffs?

      The guys I would put on this evaluation list would be…Abdullah, Shoate, Paymah, Myers, Kuper, Eslinger, Martinez, Young, Hall, Harris, Bell and a few others.

      (Assuming for the sake of this thread that Cutler, Moss, Crowder, Thomas, Marshall and a few others are the players I think they will be).

      I really need Kuper, Myers, Harris and Abdullah to blossom into starters. They hold the keys to my plan. I REALLY want to be able to dump my draft picks into DTs and LBs. If my young “OL guys” and Abdullah don’t pan out, then I’m really in a bind. I have to push my “Broncos are Back!” plan out one full year (maybe two).

      End of season, draft smart (my young “OL guys” panned out, so I dump my picks on DTs and LBs). Sign smart.

      2008 SEASON

      Stay the course. Improve. Evaluate. Show glimpses of what is to come. By the end of the season Cutler should be crazy good. I’m getting solid play from both lines. I made my bed with Kuper, Myers, Harris, Moss, Dumervil, Crowder, and Thomas and it’s paying off in spades. DJ becomes the leader on defense and people start to forget who he replaced in the middle (No disrespect towards Al, but DJ leads my “new” Broncos).

      The new DTs and LBs I was able to draft at the beginning of the season are learning, developing, and playing well.

      End of season, draft smart (Build depth, fill holes). Sign smart.


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        First I have to admit that this is not thought trough. But I think we need to make some chances and I do have some ideas.

        Some people have said in this thread that the team should grow along with Cutler. I can only go along with that.

        Others had pointed out that the personnel have proven themselves, but just not have the right players to work with. I second this too.

        I do, however, think Shanahans authorities have to be limited. Let someone else run the draft, just to take an example.

        But we can probably all agree, that we need new players.

        I really do think it would be possible to get Jonathan Vilma and Larry Fitzgerald. However it might not be possible for us to get them both.

        As controversial it might be, I would in fact offer Champ Bailey in exchange for one of them. I think Foxworth is a good cornerback and honestly it is not necessary to have that good a secondary. A team can get along without having to undoubted best cornerback and another top five interception king on the other side.
        But this of course does not mean we should downgrade our secondary too much. Therefore I would pursue either Asante Samuel or Marcus Trufant. Samuel might want a contract in the range of the one Nate Clements got, so Trufant would probably be the more realistic of them.

        But Denver would not be the Broncos without a Bailey. A would try to sign outside linebacker Boss Bailey from Detroit.

        As another free agent I would try to sign Randy Starks of Tennessee. Not a fantastic defensive tackle, but he often gets the job done.

        With these upgrades I think we would be allowed to target Darren McFadden, even though we still have some other needs. I am not really sure if I would like McFadden or Kenny Phillips the most, if those other deal were made, but let us just go with McFadden.

        In the second round we could might get a defensive tackle like Dre Moore or Frank Okam. Both could be seen as projects, but if they pans out they would both be forces on our defense.
        This round could be used to grab another linebacker though. Their is so many good linebackers in this years draftclass, so some of them has to slide to this round.
        Another possibility could be an offensive lineman. Players like Jordan Grimes or Hermann Johnson are not projected to the first round, though they could both be great players, probably at guard.

        Now we have a problem, as we do not currently have a third round choise. We need to chance that, and maybe Ian Gold could help us with that along with a pick next year.
        If we got a pick in this round we could take one of the players I we have not covered yet. That being runningback, linebacker, defensive tackle, safety or offensive lineman.

        Besides all of that I would cut or trade Rod Smith, Ferguson and Sam Adams. Then let Nalen, Hamilton, Lepsis and Elam decides for themselves.

        Again, I have not made up my mind, but this could be one idea of what I would do.


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          Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
          DT - Complete overhaul. This is the position on our team that I think has destroyed our defense.
          I would agree. The core of the defense is rotten and that impacts everything. However...

          LB - With the new improved D-line clogging as they should, I think our LBs "as is" are fine. However, I definitely agree its time to start grooming an OLB to replace Gold or Webster in the future, and an early to mid round pick definitely makes sense there as well. Unlike most others, I don't believe our LBs *suddenly* forgot how to play
          "Forgot"? If you are referring back to Williams-Wilson-Gold in the old scheme, sure, that unit did a decent job. However, Webster-Williams-Gold is a new lineup in a new scheme... whether they will adapt to the changes is still in question. Just because a player was decent in another position/scheme doesn't mean that will translate - look at Vilma, he's awesome at MLB in a 4-3 but the Jets are determined to run the 3-4 which does him no favors.

          I'm not sold on this LB corps. DJ should be WLB, but Shanny has a hard-on for Gold. Webster is a solid backup, but not a great starter. Gold is the odd man out. IMO, we need help here...


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            Originally posted by elevation INC View Post
            SBBOUND BRONCO-

            YOU ARE AN IDIOT, in 2005-20006 we had no prow bowl DT and we made the AFC championship, are u crazy trade champ, he is the leading secondary tackler and has been for the last 3 years, you dont trade a corner that can play smash mouth ball against the run. Very few corners can tackle like champ bailey and while he may not have the interceptions he had last year he is still going to see the prow bowl this year becuase of his ability to tackle and make a game saving play. in case you forgot our problems with giving up big plays, was becuase of a lack of play from DBS fom 2003 till last year. he fixed that and despite getting beat against green bay for 1 play he held their leading reciever to 28 yards, what should we do if we trade champ replace him with a draft pick??????// no cb is not an offseason concern so go find another message board
            you simplay cannot say that "without that 1 long play for a TD he held him to only 28 yards" it doesnt matter yards are yards TDs are TDs period. im quite happy on this board and i was asked to give my opinion so if you dont like it shove it up yours, alright, and then maybe you can find a new board or just simply mind your own buisness?!?

            we had a DL group 100x better than the way this one is playing for the last couple years and they still were nothing special. say all you want but that is what i think. Champ is a luxury not a need, all you need is a great DL and servicable corners, however it doesnt work the other way around as it is being proved this year with our below average DL and great CBs.

            if i was to trade champ that free's up a lot of cap, and gets me either a great DL player, LB or draft pick. id rather have a great LB that can play smash mouth football against the Run rather than a CB playing smash mouth football against the run. How much has champ helped us this year really?? a game saving ST tackle against buffalo and thats about it

            a CB just can not have that great of an impact on a Defense as you like to think just becuase he is Champ. Put him on a good team and he'll show you why he is the best, put him on a terrible defense and all you get is nothing from him

            and stop using probowls as reasoning, all it is is a big popularity contest and thats all it will ever be unless they base it on stats like they should. how many probowls has lynch made when he didnt deserve it, Vince Young anybody??

            again this is my opinion and if you dont like either logically debate me or leave it alone instead of using a personal attack to show your lack of football knowledge and maturity

            Have a FANTASTIC day


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              Originally posted by rst08tierney View Post
              Poof!!!!! Your new GM of the broncos. Tell me who do you keep, who do you let go? Where do you start? Any takers?
              I would take a portion of my huge salary and attend a private university where they would teach me the difference between "your" and "you're".


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                -Move Champ Bailey to the Safety Position

                -Cut or Trade Ian Gold

                -Start Foxworth and Bly at the Corner Position

                -Trade 2nd Round Pick for Jonathan Vilma

                -Move DJ Williams to Weakside Backer

                -Sign Boss Bailey to play Strongside

                -Draft Kenny Phiillips with Top 10 Pick.

                -Target WR, RB, DT in the draft

                -Cut Lynch, Ferguson among many others
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