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Did Play-Calling / Shanny Cause Cutler's Injury? (Merged)

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    the only reasonable explanation for everything is.. AL DAVIS. He is the devil.
    "I'm scared if I stop all at once, the cumulative hangover will literally kill me."


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      Shanny to blame for Cutler's injury?

      I blame Shanny for that injury to Cutler. Not 100 percent blame... but he shares in the responsibility... for sure. It was only a matter of time before his conservative play-calling got someone hurt...

      We have like six yards rushing up to the point Cutler got hurt...

      We run the ball on first down.... It was STUFFED, of course. SO, Shanny calls for a play-action pass on second down? I mean... come on.

      What kind of call was that!!!!!!!!

      You think DET is respecting the run? They were coming full-steam all game.

      He has Cutler fake a hand-off, turning his back to the line... why? Second and ten... Denver trailing by 13 at that point... What is he doing? TO ME, this call was as much to blame for the injury as the O-line and freaky circumstances!

      Dumb call... horrific results.

      THEN... to make you laugh... Later on... 16-0... DEN gains like 6 yards on first... You would think this was the down to play-action... NOPE... Shanny runs the ball. It's stuffed. DET was guarding against the run.

      Shanny being cute... again.

      BTW... going back to last week. How many plays have we run with the ball inside the 5 yard line? Like 16? We've scored one one of those plays? You would think even good coaching could design a play to score a few more times.


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        You know what?

        I'm just so relieved that it's not a serious injury, that I'm going to suspend any negative talks about Shanahan for the remainder of the week.

        I blame Shanahan for a lot...but even I have my limits.

        I never thought I'd be so relieved that a 12-game starter isn't going to be out for any indefinite period of time, but I feel tremendously better today with the news Cutler's ok.


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          Really??? Get a grip. This is the NFL and injuries happen.

          You want to blame someone, point the finger at #75 Shaun Cody. He slammed into Cutler's knee, leading helmet first, when Jay was on his back. The QB is down, there's no need to spear him unless you are aiming at taking him out.

          Shanny's play call had nothing to do with Cutler being injured. It happened. Welcome to the NFL.


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            Shanahan is to blame for EVERYTHING wrong with the Broncos right why not.

            Off with his head.
            Ready for the friggen season already!


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              Wow. Now we're to the point for blaming Shanny for Jay's injury?

              Well I blame Shanahan for global warming, AIDS, and Pol Pot. I think he's responsible for the whole Firestone/Ford Explorer fiasco a few years ago.

              Shanahan has the cure for cancer, but refuses to let it free because he has stock in drug companies. He also has a tablet made of water that can power automobiles, and the only exhaust is puppies, but he has stock in oil companies.

              Shanahan singlehandedly started the fall of the Roman Empire, which as we all know led to the Dark Ages.

              The comet that wiped out the dinosaurs? Shanahan.

              Mike Shanahan once made a small orphan with a cough shine his shoes, and only paid him a $.05 for his services. The orphan's sign CLEARLY showed $1.00 for shoe-shines. Mike was heard laughing manically as he walked off, and was heard to yell to the orphan "So Sue Me!!!!"

              Mike Shanahan owns a backstreet boys CD. He's not responsible for anything here, but still.

              Windows ME? Shanahan.

              Rolling brownouts in California? Shanahan.

              Kittens born with two heads? Shanahan.

              And the most horrible, horrific, unforgivable crime against Shanahan? He's responsible for Tony Kornheiser being in the broadcast booth on Monday Night Football.


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                I'm also certain that Shanahan is both the Lochness Monster and Bigfoot.

                I should have conclusive evidence by the end of the week...


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                  I also blame Shannahan for the recent "Super Bug" scare

                  and 9-11.....


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                    I wonder if getting tackled had anything to do with it?

                    Btw, I'm starting to believe Shanahan is to blame for this sweet white background....And while we're at it, he's got to be the reason I have yet to win the lotto.

                    Damn yous, Mike Shanahan! Damn yous!


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                      Shanahan is a great coach and has done great things for the denver broncos but does any one remember a guy by the name of GARY KUBIAK!! When Kubiak was in denver the play calls were much more aggressive since he was the one making the calls!!


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                        Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                        I'm just betting that if I was sitting next to you, and you had to guess what play was called at what time... you would miss more than you got right. I know it sometimes 'seems' like its predictable... but its not. Plus guessing 'pass or run' is really the VERY VERY simple part of the game. Even if I closed My eyes and guessed, I would get 50% of them right.

                        i look at it like this rav...if a average fan of good basic knowledge can safely predict even 10% of the play calls...and thats probably low for a real fan of the broncos

                        think of tthe percentage that profesional coaches, whose main job is to dissect game tape, look for tendencies in formations, can get right,,could our offensive woes be because we are easily read
                        when do native Americans become human and not mascots


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                          The Denver Post is reporting that it was Mike Shanahan that sold Travis Henry the Marijuana.


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                            Originally posted by BurgessRudy View Post
                            The Denver Post is reporting that it was Mike Shanahan that sold Travis Henry the Marijuana.
                            I also heard that he shot the sheriff - but did not shoot the deputy.


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                              Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
                              I also heard that he shot the sheriff - but did not shoot the deputy.