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"Getting hammered is part of rebuilding"

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    Originally posted by MileHighStud View Post
    I am sure many if not MOST around here will rationalize and justify our current situation and call it a "REBUILDING YEAR." However in all truth, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for us to have ever taken such huge steps backwards. We were a Championship caliber team, that made changes for the absolute WORSE.

    So What now?

    Mix and matching players in the NFL to make a competitive team is done constantly.

    Name a few teams that had 10-12 players from their rookie years to win the superbowl ('90-current)? Not many and for some sense barely more then 8 players that were rookies years to a SB run have been on the same team.

    Also too, if we do call this a rebuild year it could take a long time. I mean the Faders have been in rebuild mode for the past 5 years or so and they havent had a season where they have gone over 6 games.The thing is if we annouse "Hey were playing for next year" that gives our oppoents the idea that were a push over team. Shanahan has every right to say were playing for the SB. It means we force our oppoents to play us seriously.

    The bottom line is this. Go in a season to play for next year even though we have a decent team, meaning we only play for a good spot in the draft (mainly never aming for no more then 4 wins this season). We cant do that we gotta play like were gonna win it all, it would be a diservice to the team, fans and players if coaches think that we should play for Drafting spots to build a good team for the future in 5-10 years. We keep that mentality even knowing its a rebuilding year. Its to keep moral high and to push our players to play, keeps the fans happy and overall keeps pulling in new players that will want to play for this organization.
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    McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

    Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


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      Sounds like my fantasy team. I missed the draft and got crap players. So over the weeks they've all been dropped and I rebuilt my team, now all from waivers. Except for Donovan McNabb, whom I dropped and picked back up.