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    Originally posted by dandaman23 View Post
    Agreed.. People could call us classless as much as they wanted if we were "running up the score" and doing what the Pats are this season.. I really wouldnt care cause we'd be 9-0 and looking forward to an almost guaranteed SB win.. And I really dont think any fan of any team can argue against that.. They can pretend that they cared all they wanted but when it comes down to it and your team is 9-0 and your blowing out every other team, and when you play your worse game all season against the second best team in the NFL and still manages to win the game.. Your pretty damn happy and wouldnt even think about what other people thought..
    I wish your fellow Alaskain homeboy could see things the same as us. But yea I'd rather be 9-0 then 3-5. Thats just my opinion. Of course some would rather be 3-5.


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      I'll tell ya what I'd like to see....

      An offensive line that can protect Cutler. I'd like to see Jay have enough time to step into a throw! We all know by now that he has a strong arm. One that can sling a ball into a tight window while falling backwards because the pocket, well, isn't there anymore.

      I'd like to see a defensive coach that produces results. This team has way too many names and dollar signs associated with it's defense to be this bad. And bad is an understatement, they are piss poor!


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        Im lookin for us to get healthy and actually play to our potential. Every single week this year we had to deal with injuries and it has definately affected our weekly gameplans. Once we get everybody back and KEEP them healthy, we can get some reps. Everything we worked on in the offseason, it was with everybody healthy, so the more healthy we get, the more we will look like the team that we saw in training camp.