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What we need this week from the defense is some "Orange Crush"

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    Our defense needs to look at this earlier team and play with pride and respect for the ones that paved the way.

    I work at Vanderbilt University

    Where Jay Graduated!

    I tell you I love Elway! He was my hero growing up. I loved the way he threw the ball with velocity! I love that in a QB. This is why I am a Cutlerfan!!


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      We got some Orange Crush May it Continue

      KANSAS CITY, MO. — Broken of spirit and abandoned as hopeless, they were sick of being known as the Orange Crushed.

      "I challenged the guys today," Broncos middle linebacker D.J. Williams said. "I asked them to let their pads do the talking."

      It made a beautiful noise.

      Downtrodden members of the Denver defense rose up and held a revival meeting Sunday, saving the game and maybe the season in a 27-11 thumping of Kansas City.

      First, however, the Broncos required a cleansing of their bared souls.

      "The leaders got together, and we basically admitted our wrongdoings," said Denver pass rusher Tim Crowder, describing a meeting with teammates that sounded like a 12-step program to a sounder defense. "The best thing for anybody, if you're on drugs or you drink, is to admit your wrongdoing. That's the only way you're going to get better. And everybody admitted their wrongdoing."

      A multitude of Denver defensive sins, which all started with being bedeviled by the run, were so messing with the minds of defenders that the Broncos felt the need to repent.

      "It helped a lot," Williams said. "You've got a lot of guys woofing, saying this and that. Some of it was serious. Some of it was just talk. So we decided: 'Let your pads do the talking, You don't have to say nothing. Let your pads do the talking, and after that, we'll see if all the guys who did the talking really meant what they said."'

      Coaches can preach. But only players can save a season on the brink of collapse. In the wake of a painful 44-7 beatdown in Detroit, the defense gathered to hash out problems and vow to stop the embarrassment.

      Sure, team meetings are for losers. But these Broncos had a lot of stuff to get off their chests. Then, they shut up and played.

      While nobody will suggest shutting down the Chiefs, whose offense is the lamest in the entire AFC West if not the whole land, is an achievement worthy of Hall of Fame enshrinement, the Broncos restored a little faith by producing four turnovers and limiting Kansas City to 67 yards rushing.

      Fear is a powerful motivator in a league called the Not For Long with good reason. Defensive linemen Simeon Rice and Amon Gordon were recently cut, proving no nameplate in the Denver locker room was attached with Super Glue.

      "It shows you have to do your job, week in and week out, or you can be the guy who's gone," Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil said.

      The same 2007 Denver defense that often shamed proud Denver memories of the Orange Crush made the difference in a game that threatened to induce naps in more than 75,000 fans at normally raucous Arrowhead Stadium.

      With the Chiefs clinging to an 8-6 lead at halftime, Denver wrecked whatever remained of quarterback Damon Huard's modest career and seized control of the contest during the opening two minutes of the third quarter by forcing an interception and a fumble worth 14 easy points.

      The pick by Broncos defensive back Dré Bly ignited a quick, 31-yard TD drive that gave Denver a 13-8 lead. On the very next offensive snap by Kansas City, Dumervil stripped Huard of the football, which linebacker Nate Webster picked up and ran 17 yards into the end zone.

      "That's why I'm here: to make havoc. I like to irritate quarterbacks. I don't like 'em," Dumervil said.

      While cornerback Champ Bailey undoubtedly is the most talented player on the Denver roster, the most valuable player on a defense searching for its identity has been Dumervil. He stands 5-feet-11 in his dreams, but leads the team with eight sacks and has forced three fumbles.

      The much-lamented departure of captain Al Wilson left a void the Broncos no longer could allow to suck the spirit from their defense. Somebody had to put a foot down.

      "It was about being a leader, but it was also about caring about the guys and the franchise," said Williams, explaining the motivation for the meeting of a defense in distress. "I told them it starts with me first and making sure I'm right. But we also talked about everybody needs to correct people when it's needed. And try not to take it negative, because a teammate corrects you for a reason. We want to win."

      Can one victory solve all the woes of Denver's defense?


      But did you hear the beautiful noise of those shoulder pads cracking in K.C.?

      From the sound of it, the Broncos finally have taken ownership of the problem.

      Mark Kiszla: 303-954-1053 or [email protected].

      I want to leave you with some Orange Crush Images on Kansas City May it continue

      I work at Vanderbilt University

      Where Jay Graduated!

      I tell you I love Elway! He was my hero growing up. I loved the way he threw the ball with velocity! I love that in a QB. This is why I am a Cutlerfan!!