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Shanahan The GM is Broncos' big problem (Sporting News Article)

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    Originally posted by Superchop7 View Post
    Well, the writer sure as hell doesn't know football.

    Wait 1 year.

    See what the clown has to say then.
    I doubt that would help with the clown has been around for a number of years already. Sometimes the only thing to do is stop beating a dead horse and just bury it.


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      Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
      I think his point with Graham was that the Broncos paid millions for a tight end who can do nothing but block. And there were reports even at the time of the signing that Denver paid way too much money for him. Let's face it - the guy has been a wash so far.
      I will refer you to Ravage!'s post on the topic, but basically: How can one complain about a blocking TE making on 2 receptions? ignorance or idiocy. Can't really tell which it is with this clown.

      Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
      Second, there's simply no way to determine whether any of those signings had an impact on the salary cap or not, since such details are unavailable. But do you think those guys didn't have a detremental effect on the locker room?
      I don't remember the Broncos having much of an attitude problem when Carter was around. Same with Foster. I would put current problems in the lack of player leadership than any detrimental effects Henry may bring. It doesn't seem like Henry is the kind to be causing locker room problems beyond the distraction he creates off the field. I argue that the clown has failed to make his point regarding the players mentioned.