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Nick Ferguson Benched?!!

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    Originally posted by delirium_05 View Post
    Nothing against your post, but I saw Abdullah all over the place. I also saw him whiff on a coupole tackles, but hey it was his first start. I think he even forced a fumble on Bowe....that was recovered by Bowe...never the less I think he can improve at safety.
    Sadly though I think with the sudden youth movement....we're probably losing Lynch, and possibly Ferguson at the end of the season.
    Lynch is finding it harder and harder to stay healthy. If Abdullah can get 8 starts in and get better with each game, it will go a long way to solidifying our D. There are some great FS coming out in 2009 draft (unfortunately 2008 is a very poor draft for Safety). It would be nice if Abdullah was the answer at SS.

    I think he played a great game today, hopefully he can build off of it.

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