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So, is Brackenridge a cheap piece of scum or what?

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    Originally posted by Gsam View Post
    I agree. I have a serious question.... What the hell were they doing to marshall with his pants down? Does the trainer ummmm rub some cream on his junk or what? I know it sounds silly but my buddy and I were looked at eachother and were trying to figure out what you could do to fix that.....


    God I am glad I am not a trainer.

    "Honey, what did you do at work today......."
    I would think the trainers are equipped to deal with any injury the players sustain, so I imagine they were checking to see if there was any swelling, bruising etc. that might potentially need immediate medical attention. A severe blow to the groin can cause hernias and all sorts of other problems, so I imagine that's what they were doing, though I think doin g it on the sideline was a little tastless myself.

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