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    Originally posted by Kapaibro View Post
    I never said he was the only one playing. But 6 INT's from him is never going to help his team.

    Their Defense scored one of those TD's, so they were definitely doing their job.

    The best do not throw 6 INT's. That's a rookie mistake, not a SB winning QB.
    I think thats my point. We can't say its a rookie mistake when a 10 year vet, that has been considered one of the best to ever play... throws for that many

    (and although it was 6 at the end, I can't really count that very last INT. It was a deep pass at the last play of the game.... not one that really counts.)

    But 4 came in the first quarter. I've seen Brady throw 4 ints in a quarter before.... so its not like its JUST a 'rookie' mistake. Its something that happens to the VERY VERY best of them at times.

    I wonder if people will keep that when Jay throws for Ints........


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      Man, I wish the Colts would have won that game.

      Between the Vikings running over them like a freight train, then coughing up a game like tonight vs. the Colts, it would have broken thier spirits for at least a couple weeks.

      Now they think they're good again :-|

      "When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest." -anonymous


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        I only seen parts of the second half of that game. When ever I was watching. Manning was getting rushed like crazzy and was makeing great throws. That D and Manning were the reasons they even stood half a chance.

        :salute!: !!Get well soon!!:salute!: