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Malicious Acts in the NFL

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  • Malicious Acts in the NFL

    It seems the NFL has been noticing more illegal hits lately, that is why the
    memos to refs regarding the issue. The trend seems to be getting worse.

    I know on these boards few weeks back it was discussed about dirty plays by the Patsies (ie. the knee capper on Losman) and should teams knock Tom Brady's jaw into the back of his skull when they run up the score.

    I now bring your attention to FistGate from the Broncos game yesterday. Was the fist intentional or not Brandon Marshall's nether region? Replays show the defender ball his hand into a fist and smack em around.

    I also bring your attention to the Minnesota/GB game. The malicious hit to the knees from Al Harris on Adrian Peterson. In my eyes it looked exactly like Al Harris went straight for the knees with intent to injure. That is exactly what happened too. Good thing for AD it wasn't an ACL injury.

    Seems this league is turning into a combo of NBA/MLB cheating thugs.......

    This league has been the classiest of all major sports for a very long time and now it seems to be losing it. Yes there are some flashy individuals (ie. TO, CJ), but they are just acts. There is nothing malicious about those acts, only careers they destroy can be their own. With the recent trend of malicious hits, memos to refs, what do y'all think should be done to deter players from doing such hits? Anyone?

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    Heavy suspensions. They play the game for fun and to entertain, not to harm another person. Everyone likes to see a big hit, as long as they can get back up. That was a helluva hit on Trent Green last year that ended his season, but it was grim for his career. You could tell he was out as soon as his head bounced off of the turf. I think if you intentionally try to hurt someone, you should face at least a 4 game suspension, or something comparable to how long the other player would be out for the injury.