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Henry Probably will be cleared???

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    Originally posted by Henrysdealer View Post
    It really doesn't matter if he comes back or not. Any RB can get a thousand yards with the broncs. Personally I think henry is really under performing as of late and Selvin should have been playing more sooner.

    Shanny's pretty no nonsense so I have a feeling henry may be done no matter what happens.
    Its hard to perform when you haven't been in the lineup, and considering the public support of Henry to the media following Henry's lie detector and other tests just recently.... I don't see Shanahan getting rid of Henry no matter what.

    I do agree that 1000yrds really shouldn't be the measuring stick any longer for any running back.


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      Whats the big deal anyway? Weed is legal in the city and county of Denver and it's the Denver Broncos

      Yeah, I don't think that excuse will work


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        Originally posted by Combo1985 View Post
        There's nothing wrong with nine kids. As long as it doesn't come from nine different women

        News flash: I'm pretty sure it did.

        They're your teammates, now.
        Best of luck, TT!
        ...Always a class act - in any uniform.

        sbutk: i can see why Denver is taking TO's right now [trailing by 7, with 30 seconds left in the half]. but why Oakland???

        Captain Lori: You are trying to figure out the Raiders. Try figuring out women instead; it's probably much easier.