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    Originally posted by ScrubNation View Post
    One reason, maybe the biggest, for the lack of a deep ball is Javon Walker. He's the deep threat, and he hasn't been in there.
    Yeah, Cutler can't throw far, and Marshall can't run fast...


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      I would consider the circumstances.

      Someone already pointed it out that he's not getting enough time to step into his throws for the deep ball.

      With that deep ball against Arizona last year... just look at all the time Cutler had to square up that pass and launch it.

      The way marshall is playing--- when we get Javon back... I expect this to be a scary offense.

      Especially with the ever so dangerous slot man Stokley.


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        Originally posted by AlWilsonizKING View Post
        You didn't answer my question......

        When we DO throw it long, it would seem that a lot of the time the receivers have to wait, sometimes stop, for Cutlers throw to get to them.....he throws it too high it would seem.....

        Remember Elways long bombs to Rod back in the day? Rod would run under them.

        I used to say "Rod long down the middle!!!" >>Flash to Superbowl XXXIII and Rod's long TD catch and run!!!!

        It may be something the Bronc's need to think about.

        I agree with most of the posters that he hasn't had a lot of time and has been run out of the pocket a lot. Not to mention that we only have one deep threat right now in Marshall who is usually double covered to prevent the long ball. When Walker return, you'll see more of the long ball. Also Cutler has been playing hurt most of the season, it was his ankle early on and now his leg, which has been preventing him from stepping into his passes like he normally does. I saw him in college, he's got a cannon and can throw 60 yards + no problem with great accuracy. He need to be healthy and have protection to do it consistantly though.