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Is anyone missing D-Will as a player right about now?

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  • Is anyone missing D-Will as a player right about now?

    I was watching this video, one of my favorites

    The guy was fast as hell, it would be amazing to have him returning kicks and punts still, and watching some of his coverage he may have turned out to be better then Dre' Bly. Everyone said that he wouldn't have been good but from his first two years of action he looked great, man do I miss him .

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    He was a great player, and was only going to get better.. I only remember one bad game he ever had and that was vs. Reggie Wayne and Peyton Manning..

    I loved Darrent, wow that video was great.


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      I miss him everyday

      RIP Darrent


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        To think people wanted him gone after that season.

        Darrent was a class act and I truly do miss him.


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          He wasn't even on the team two years....he never got a chance to show us what he could really do. Darrent inspired me with his stature.....I had dreams of being a CB knowing even with his height he should alot of heart. Since he passed away my dreams have all but disappeared. I miss you D Will as a player, and as a person.

          This video made me cry :

          Careful what you wish for, Darth , cause here comes the worst DC in the league...... -stnzd
          What's that? Need proof?

          Goodbye social life...

          My Mojo!


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            I've said it several times this year. The team isn't playing with that "fire".

            I truly believe Darrent inspired others to play beyond the norm. I remember one specific play in Darrents rookie year. Nick Ferguson missed on a tackle, and I saw Darrent go over, and pat him on the head, and give him what were probably words of encouragement.

            I really believe Darrent was the little brother type, that everyone would rally around. The team seems to be missing that this year. He just played with so much heart. I'm proud to say he was my favorite player.

            I miss what he brought to the team, both as an athlete, and his enthusiasm for the game.


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              Darrent Williams is and always will be my favorite Bronco of all time he was and would have become a hell of a player and there was no doubt he would be one of the greats, he would always play w/ great intensity and had the most heart, he always had something to prove and he definately proved to me that he was a great player

              I miss him a ton

              Darrent Williams- a great player, teammate, father, and most importantly a great person

              R.I.P. D-Will


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                Every person with a heart misses D-Will. I'm sure his family and friends miss him the most out of everyone. To us he was just a player, but to them he was so much more. He was a husband, a father, a brother, a son, a friend, a teammate and too many other things to name. He is truly missed and I hope will be forever remembered as a great person. I truly believe he would have been a Pro Bowl caliber CB by now if he was still here. He had all the tools to become great and being taught by the best would have helped a lot as well.

                Thanks for the memories D-Will. Also we can't forget Damien. RIP guys, I promise you will never be forgotten



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                  I miss him all the time. He was a great guy and a good football player.

                  It was sad to see him pass away.

                  I'm still hoping we can win it all for him this year.

                  I hope we start playing as a team.

                  He is always missed


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                    The other day I looked back at some of the game threads from 2006 and how it would be me and maybe one other guy defending D-Willy and everyone else would be bashing him. Maybe this isn't the right thing to say, but I am sure if he was released and not killed (that sounded terrible) people would be happy.

                    I know it doesn't matter because we are all Broncos fans and we are a community who helped each other in times of sadness, but I must say I miss him more than anything else in this world (haven't had any family deaths of note in a long time).

                    Either way, go Broncos...


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                      if he kept on producing like that year the broncos would have 2 CB future HOF

                      made by showoff


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                        Man he made a heck of an inpact in just two years didnt he? He had more game changing plays by himself then this years defense as a whole after 9 games!

                        Someting else taht struck me, Denver hadnt had that kind of speed since RICK UPCHURCH returning punts! THATS UNBELIEVABLE! Cant there be anyone out there with speed to return punts?


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                          I have a folder on my laptop with pictures of the Broncos last season. I was looking through it today, and I have like 80 pictures of Darrent and Damien. I miss them both. Darrent was a great corner in the making. He had phenomenal speed. He could cover the big 6'5 receivers. He was a mini-Champ. He had so much fire, intensity, and he was like my idol. He proved people wrong. He would have been the talk of the league right now.

                          Damien too. When he played, I loved how explosive and powerful he was. He and Selvin would have been a nice combo.


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                            Darrent Williams

                            Absolutely, the guy was still young and he had talent and was only gonna get better. RIP brotha !!!! Broncos fan for over 20 years !!!!


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                              Darrent was a star in the making. For the bit that he was with the Broncos, he was already a force to be reckoned with. We all miss you Darrent. R.I.P.