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New Found Perspective from a Skins Fan---Sean Taylor

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    Originally posted by Superchop7 View Post
    All players will be allowed to wear #21 on their helmets Sunday, there will be a moment of silence.

    Chop tips cap........twice.
    I didn't know that they could wear 21 on their helmets...a very classy gesture.


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      Broncos there for Redskins..hit close to home! Good Read

      In late February, Broncos defensive back Domonique Foxworth, hurt by the loss of teammate and close friend Darrent Williams, stood in an Indianapolis hotel lobby hoping to make a difference for other NFL players.

      "We're here for safety. We're here to make sure there isn't another D-Will situation," said Foxworth before entering an NFL player advisory committee meeting that included about 15 players, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, players' union head Gene Upshaw and Broncos owner Pat Bowlen.

      While player safety was a major theme of the NFL in the the aftermath of the murder of Williams in downtown Denver in the early hours of Jan. 1, that focus failed to prevent another tragic death. Early Tuesday morning, Washington Redskins Pro Bowl safety Sean Taylor died at a South Florida hospital. Taylor was shot early Monday morning in his bedroom during a home invasion. There have been no arrests.

      Like Williams, Taylor was a defensive back. Like Williams, Taylor was 24.

      And so the NFL mourns the murder of another player. The NFL came out for Williams' funeral. It will come together again in the coming days for Taylor, one of the brightest young players in the league. His death hit the Broncos on a personal level.

      "This brings back bad memories," Foxworth said. "We're not even done grieving for our loss, and now this happens."

      Foxworth said he will give Redskins players any help or advice he can. The Redskins called the Broncos on Tuesday to get advice on how to handle the logistics of the situation, and Denver personnel have sent messages of condolence and encouragement to the Washington franchise.

      Taylor's death resonated with the Williams family. Darrent's mother, Rosalind, declined to speak publicly about Taylor's death, but Troy Asmus, a family spokesman, said she was shaken by the murder.

      "Rosalind went to bed Monday night hearing the news that there was some hope for Sean, and she was praying for the best," Asmus said. "When we awoke Tuesday, she found out the news and was devastated. It has brought back so many bad memories. It hit her hard."

      Asmus said Rosalind Williams would be willing to speak to the Taylor family to offer support.

      Like every other NFL player, Taylor watched a video this summer that Rosalind Williams made at the request of Goodell. In it, she stressed that players must use extreme caution in public and never assume their safety.

      Darrent Williams' agent, Jeff Griffin, learned the news of Taylor's death in an early-morning phone call, just as he had about his client's death on New Year's Day. Griffin received a call from the spouse of another client in tears Tuesday morning, awakening feelings he knew too well. Griffin reached out to representatives of Taylor on Tuesday, offering help and support.

      "You never want this situation

      Sean Taylor (Getty Images file)to happen once, but for it to happen twice is just terrible," Griffin said. "I know how hard it was to lose D-Will, and now all of Sean's people are dealing with the same thing."

      In Denver's locker room, linebackers D.J. Williams and Nate Webster along with center Chris Myers — still dealing with the memory of Williams' death — now grieve for a fellow Miami Hurricane. D.J. Williams and Myers played with Taylor at Miami. Webster worked out with Taylor in the offseason. Broncos backup quarterback Patrick Ramsey also played with Taylor in Washington for two seasons.

      Foxworth remains hopeful a lesson can be learned from the latest tragedy.

      "The problem is it's too late for the Williams family and the Taylor family," Foxworth said. "But we have to learn from this."


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        Great post. This expresses how I think every Bronco fan feels about the situation.


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          Originally posted by RaiderHater9899 View Post
          Great post. This expresses how I think every Bronco fan feels about the situation.
          You hit the nail on the head. I keep finding myself tearing up these last 2 days, it's so close to home. I think we have learned to live this pain, but it never really has gone away.


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            Good read. Excellent post.