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Simple - Why are we 5-6? Offense or Defense?

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  • Simple - Why are we 5-6? Offense or Defense?

    I am not putting Special Teams on the list because of the Hester game on Sunday. People would think of that and vote for Special Teams, but would also be forgetting the three game winning field goals we have had.

    So, why do we have a losing record, offense or defense?

    I think it is obviously defense, but I am wondering what Broncos Country thinks.

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    Defense..Offense..Special teams..Injuries.

    In that order......


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      Defense for sure, our offense has been great this year. Just some AWFUL calls on defense this season, I mean, remember last week when it was 4th and 10 and we put 8 men in the box? Like they were gonna run?

      We did the same thing earlier in the season, I cant remember which game ( I think the Jaguars? ) on like, 3rd and 26 or something.

      I mean seriously, why put 8 men in the box on 3rd and 26? 4th and 10? We never blitz so what are we trying to trick them into? Thinking our 4th blitz of the season is coming on that play? It's like playing Madden against somebody that knows nothing about football.

      You do not STACK THE LINE on 3rd and 26, ugh, defense for sure, I hate our system, same thing over and over and over.

      Oh, and our 3 man rushes on 3rd and 10s all season? What happened to rushing 4 and blitzing a cornerback or something? Defensive playcalling is losing us games for sure, I mean, tell me if you think this is logical:

      Ok Bates, we can't stop the run, but we still have to play defense, what are you gonna do? Maybe you should eliminate the big play, then play aggressively on third down, well anyways, what's your idea?

      Bates -'OK, here's my plan, we stop the run with 4 mediocre defensive linemen and then drop our linebackers that would be good at blitzing into coverage every play.'

      "Every play?"

      Bates- 'every play.'


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        All Parties Guilty

        It's not fair to pick just one. All groups including the coaching staff must share the responsibility for poor judgement resulting in losses.
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          I dont know, I think we can blame special teams. Yeah, Jason Elam kicked three game winning feild goals, but they have done some things that are just unacceptible at the professional level.

          I think our O looks pretty damn good. They have definately improved since the beginning of the season. Culter is becoming more of a leader, and he is making fewer mistakes.

          I think all the blame goes on the defense, they are pathetic. Our defensice coordinator sucks.


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            I think the main reason is defense. When our offense ranks among the highest in the league(#7th ) It is up to our defense to keep the opposing teams out of the endzone. Which they have proved unable to do, especially on the run.
            This season is on them. They are responsible, for the most part, for 4 of those loses.

            EDIT: My information was wrong. We ranked 7th this week only. My bad.
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              I blame the Overtime system of the NFL.

              Without it, we have a good chance of being 7-4.

              That said, I voted Defense... but the responsibility is on everyone's shoulders.
              Thanks, Reid!
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                Originally posted by stnzed View Post
                Defense..Offense..Special teams..Injuries.

                In that order......

                I would reorder that to .. Defense, special teams, injuries.. offense


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                  Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                  I would reorder that to .. Defense, special teams, injuries.. offense
                  I agree but before last week I would put ST after injuries.

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                    Originally posted by stnzed View Post
                    Defense..Offense..Special teams..Injuries.

                    In that order......
                    My thoughts as well
                    GO BRONCOS!

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                      1. Defense: You're tied for 31st in the league in points allowed with, of all teams, the Bengals. When you allow as much points as the Bengals, you've got issues. 44, 41, 38, 34 in four of the nine games.

                      2. Offense. You're only 19th in the league in scoring. That's the bottom half and when you combine being next to last in the league in scoring, that hurts. And here's something that'll make you cringe. You average less than 2 points more per game than the Raiders, a very bad offense. And you only passed us in scoring over the last two weeks. That's bad. Cutler throws for a lot, the backs run for a lot, but they result in very little.

                      3. Injuries. It gets us all. Few have consistent depth, really. And if they do, the level of talent between starter and bench player is not that far off. And that's a diss to the starter.

                      4. Special teams: Devin Hester. That is all.
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                        You don't win too many games when you average 17 points (pre-bye). We have won 3 out of 4 of the games where we exceeded 24 points. I did some looking back over the record, and you could blame the D for the Indy game, pure and simple. The blowout games would be easy to blame on the D, but would have been cool if the offense had at least taken the field. The Jax and GB games were on the offense, imo. We gotta get TD's instead of FG's. Maybe we've turned the corner (somewhat) on the red zone problems, since we were 50% on the Bears. You could look at ANY phase of last week's game and come up with a "winner"...
                        Offense, just get a stinkin' first down in the 4th qtr
                        Defense, just get a stinkin' stop in the 4th qtr
                        ST's, just make a stinkin' tackle in the second half.
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                          when your offense is ranked in the top 10 in every catagory other than scoring.. which is ranked 18th...

                          and your defense is ranked 27th to 31st in every catagory.... I think its obvious that the defense isn't helping anyone.


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                            Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                            when your offense is ranked in the top 10 in every catagory other than scoring.. which is ranked 18th...
                            But isn't that kind of the main reason we send them out onto the field????

                            Holding Favre, Inc to 13 points in regulation is bad D?
                            We could have beaten Jax with some better red zone performance.

                            It might be more a D than an O problem, but I sure can't let the offense completely off the hook here. It's just not all one or the other of anything.

                            Maybe it's too much of a "push poll" question...


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                              Even though you supposedly can't blame just one part of the team, but of the two choices, I'd choose defense.