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Simple - Why are we 5-6? Offense or Defense?

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    Youth, change, and injuries are the reason we are loosing. Defense, offense, and special teams have all played a big role in the losses.


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      Originally posted by DevilSpawn View Post
      1. Defense: You're tied for 31st in the league in points allowed with, of all teams, the Bengals. When you allow as much points as the Bengals, you've got issues. 44, 41, 38, 34 in four of the nine games.

      2. Offense. You're only 19th in the league in scoring. That's the bottom half and when you combine being next to last in the league in scoring, that hurts. And here's something that'll make you cringe. You average less than 2 points more per game than the Raiders, a very bad offense. And you only passed us in scoring over the last two weeks. That's bad. Cutler throws for a lot, the backs run for a lot, but they result in very little.

      3. Injuries. It gets us all. Few have consistent depth, really. And if they do, the level of talent between starter and bench player is not that far off. And that's a diss to the starter.

      4. Special teams: Devin Hester. That is all.
      A reminder that the offense in the last 3 games which is a fusion of a nucleous of young talent, an offensive line with some injuries, etc has averaged over 32. points per game the last 3 starts.

      I consider the offense out of it's funk, but still consider Shanny playing it a little to close to the vest inside the red zone. A first down run has become very predictable inside the red zone.

      Your using the word "simple" is not.
      As the great divide in America continues we are causing harm to our future generations by avoiding what needs to be done.

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