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DJ may move back to WLB next season...(article)

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    Ian Golds salary:

    Updating previous reports, the six-year deal LB Ian Gold signed with the Denver Broncos has base salaries of $540,000 (2005), $670,000 (2006), $2.3 million (2007), $2.75 million (2008), $3.4 million (2009) and $4.59 million (2010).

    This does not include his signing bonus, so his cap number is significantly higher.

    According to KFFL, Gold is due only 2.75 in 08....Meaning they're not saving a whole lot WHEN they do make him take a pay cut.

    If his cap number is around 4mil, he's still over payed, his 2006 salary is a lot more like it.

    I just can't imagine watching Gold fumble**** around for another three years, he's terrible......
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      Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
      I don't like the idea of using a 1st rounder on a LB
      Just curious but what would you like to see the Broncos do with their 1st Rd pick? DT, LB, WR, RB, S, OL?

      I know LB's are very deep in this draft but I have seen many reports saying that Connor is graded higher coming out than Poz was last year. I like Okam but only if we are picking in the mid 20's. I just dont think he has that much impact to warrant a top 15ish pick. Just my opinion though. I believe if possible the Broncos could get 3 impact rookies in the draft (if we trade Gold + a 4th for a 3rd). LB in the 1st, DT in the 2nd and either S or LB in the 3rd. I guess I just miss the days when there was no question who had the top LB corps in the NFL.


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        This decision will be made around draft time. I haven't seen Conner out of Penn State play, but Laurinaitis out of Ohio State is a beast. There are two potential stud MLB's this year. If Denver is 8-8 and in the teens for the draft, I can see them moving DJ to OLB and drafting one of these two guys. I am not a fan of Ian Gold at LB, but I have a feeling he would be a pretty good SS, which is another weakness of this defense.
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          I'm hoping, with the depth of this LB class, that we draft two linebackers in the first four rounds. As far as I'm concerned, we need to replace both Webster and Gold.
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            I've been critical of most of our linebackers, but as some posters have mentioned, it's be interesting to see what these guys could do with another solid defensive end (Ekuban could have been that run support guy) and some real nose tackles at the position to aid them in their assignments and endeavors this year.

            We'll see what happens though, I don't think DJ would be the right kind of guy to excel as a WILL in what Bates likes to do, I think he's doing an admirable job at MIKE given the circumstances. As MUG has mentioned, Gold is going out into coverage a lot and the linebackers drop into zones quite often. That's not Williams strong suit, and never has been. Just let him use his athleticism and get down field. It took him a while, but he's getting there. Just imagine what he'd do if we had some real talent on the interior of the line.


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              Vilma anyone??????????? Doesnt fit the Jets new 3-3 and He was on trading block for a 2nd rounder, BUT since he has an injury im sure a 3rd may be suitable!!

              Imagine Vilma in middle and DJ on weak side!!!!!