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Cutler needs to grow up

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    Originally posted by BigChiefTablet View Post

    the QB cant do it all, and isnt the only one responsible for a loss but as a leader (what he should be) you gotta step up and do his job....which includes taking responsibility and facing the media.

    nuff said
    That picture is the worst one ever of Jay. It's NASTY! I hate the Denver Post for putting that on the cover of the Sunday football section.
    And he has admitted to his mistakes. He doesn't always have to admit it. We know he had a bad game, he knows he had a bad game, so what would be the point of telling everyone?

    Originally posted by stnzed View Post
    At one point Gary Miller obviously couldn't emphasize enough that Cutler had a bad game.

    To which Cutler laughed/rolled his eyes and said: "Gee Gary, thanks a lot"...and then gave the typical cliched interview. I didn't think it was that big of a deal.

    Miller handled it the retort well, imo, it sure wasn't anything to criticize either.

    Unless I'm missing another interview, we may be making too much of this because he's still young.

    Brandon Marshall will be paying a visit to the Swear Jar, as well. Miller and Lombardi had kind of a rough night!

    These two are young and will hopefully learn to better control their emotions......
    And it's good to know that I am not the only one who heard Brandon Marshall let that word slip. But he, like Jay, was frustrated. The guys just lost to the stinkin' RAIDERS of all teams. That's about as bad as losing to the Miami Dolphins at the moment.

    And you know, maybe Jay acted like a kid because he still is one. He's only 24, and the leader of a football team, I think he's doing pretty dang well. Just leave him alone and find something legit to point out.
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      To quote Domonique Foxworth on dealing with the media, from this week's Fox blog. This is the kind of understanding that I want to see from the Cut. Foxworth GETS it, this is all I was trying to say but wasn't quite able to articulate. Fox states it perfectly.

      Foxworth: It’s not too bad dealing with the media after the games, but the questions — everything’s better after a win. It’s a lot easier to answer questions and talk to people and the bus ride and plane ride home is a lot happier. It’s inevitable that a win or a loss is going to affect you, but it’s all part of the job. I think that’s one of the things that athletes do forget is that interacting with the media is part of our job description. Win, lose or draw, it’s important to have a good functional relationship with them because it’s kind of your gateway to the fans. Not everybody is fortunate enough to have a blog like me and have a direct gateway to the fans, so other than that, the media is the only way you can contact them. That’s how I deal with the media.

      Sometimes when they ask dumb questions or questions that might (tick) me off, I remind myself that I’m not talking to an annoying reporter but I’m talking to the fans, because they’re the ones that are going to read the column or listen to the radio show.


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        Originally posted by champ24girl View Post
        To quote Domonique Foxworth on dealing with the media, from this week's Fox blog. This is the kind of understanding that I want to see from the Cut. Foxworth GETS it, this is all I was trying to say but wasn't quite able to articulate. Fox states it perfectly.
        It's easy to write those things in a blog when it isn't in the heat of the moment. Granted, Foxworth probably has a lot of control over his temper, and that's good.

        But I'm pretty sure everyone around has said something harsh in the heat of a moment, leading to an argument or fight. Husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, family members, friends ... EVERYONE has let their emotion let them say things, or react in a certain way, without thinking. Anyone who thinks he hasn't is probably lying to himself.

        Athletes are people just the same, unless you expect them to be better human beings than everyone else. Also remember that a lot of reporters try to get athletes goats, because it makes for a much better story. No matter, athletes are people, not robots, and they can't always control their emotions. Unless he told the reporter to take a flying something, or gave him the finger, we could probably let this one go.


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          Right. Its easy to say them, and then its another to actually do it.

          How many times do you suppose Foxworth is asked about the game as opposed to Jay?

          THEN... I've watched the conference with Jay after this game. I didn't see a SINGLE thing wrong with it. I see a frustrated player. I don't see him being "childish" at all.

          So then it comes to the interpretation of the person watching it as well. Sometimes, I don't think the Fans get it.


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            Who Cares?

            Since when does anyone care how an NFL quarterback talks to these retards in the media? They deserve to be made fun of....and on a regular basis.

            Being a reporter is one of the lowest forms of life there is. You're basically paid to be stupid in public.

            Jay should have given the gimp that asked the turnover question the middle finger salute. Now THAT would have been something positive about the game!