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    Originally posted by ROCKIES View Post
    I remember the AFCCG against Pittsburgh well. You're right Big Ben made the Broncos defense pay on third and long all day! What infuriated me most is that the Broncos defense made no apparent adjustments, and let a 2nd year QB beat them in there own house.

    In today's NFL the Defensive Coordinators have there work cut out for them. With all of the different zone packages and schemes, there will always be soft spots that a good offense will find and exploit. Hence, when needed the best defenses will always be able to man up! mano ah' mano, ie:Baltimore Ravens have a defensive squad tenacious, athletic and talented enough to match up man to man and take check down options away from opposing QB's. Very few defenses in the NFL are athletic and talented enough too dare defend a man opposed to an area of turf.
    That's an interesting point. The Ravens have invested heavily in their defense, while Mike Shanahan has preferred to emphasize his offense. His top FA acquisitions the last 2 years have been Javon Walker, Travis Henry and TE Daniel Graham. They only got Dre Bly because of Darrent Williams' death.

    The Ravens for instance paid $10 million a year to lure Trevor Pryce. They used high first round picks on Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata. They pay Ray Lewis a king's ransom and Bart Scott and others along with Ed Reed.

    Their offense is horrible though and it really caught up with them this season.

    Shanahan refused to use high draft picks on D-linemen, but tried to sign FAs, because that worked for him during the 1990s. It worked for short time, because the Browncos were good enough that they gave the team 1 year or two before they all burned out. Problem was, Shanahan didn't draft D-linemen to take their places quickly enough.

    He finally broke down and signed Moss, Crowder and Thomas this season, but it was too late! The veteran players who were supposed to start over them all sucked, which forced Shanahan to play a bunch of rookies on defense.

    They've played like rookies. Moss was injured, Crowder and Thomas will need a year or two to mature.

    Unfortunately they won't get it. They had to be thrown into the fire early because there was nobody else to use. The Broncos have actually FIRED no less than FIVE DTs who were starters or primary backups at some point in the pre-season or regular season:

    Jimmy Kennedy - cut in pre-season
    RDT Gerrard Warren - traded in pre-season
    RDT Amon Gordon - cut week 8
    (backup) Antwon Burton - cut week 8
    LDT Sam Adams - cut week 12

    They were relying on these players to step up and they all failed, dooming the entire team's season.

    I mean, if unheard of players like Josh Mallard and Kenny Peterson playing key roles your defense you're in serious trouble!


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      Originally posted by gobroncsnv View Post
      He actually uses this positioning to create a speed match for the DE's, with hopes that the LB's can fill the gap created. Look at the type of end he likes, lean and tall (or at least with a long reach ie Elvis). The hope being that the tackles aren't going to be quick enough to catch them on a speed move, or they have to be so "light on their feet" that sometimes a bull rush can work. It also creates a gap for a blitz.
      i know he likes both, as i've heard him mention both, but the concept of our outside linebackers getting in those holes has failed so miserably, why even bring it up? it's kinda painful.

      In 2005, the last year the Broncos had a 1/2 way decent defense they blitzed like mad. Eventually it caught up with them, but they got lucky in the playoffs and Brady missed about 5 wide open WRs for easy TDs. Ben Roethlisberger didn't miss, and the Broncos lost.
      i don't think that means the blitzing was bad in itself, we just have to know where to draw the line. i even thought back then we were blitzing too much. we didn't fake it enough.

      That year the DL had Trevor Pryce, Gerrard Warren (who was healthy that year) and Courtney Brown. All three of those guys were 1st round draft picks. Brown and Warren had disappointing careers, but they didn't suck. They were big and immensely strong. Pryce wasn't worth his salary here his last few years, but he was still a very good DE -- as he proved in Baltimore where he immediately racked up 13 sacks (he's been injured again since).
      their career descriptions are well and good but it doesn't erase the fact they were about as unimpressive (or close enough) as the group we have now. imagine if we told our DTs to just stand in the middle back then? we might've lost to new england and if we didn't, we would've gotten demolished by pitt.

      Not one player on Denver's current D-line would even start for the 2005 Broncos, and only Dumervil would even make the starting rotation!
      that's certainly an arguable point. dumervil would likely start opposite pryce and the DTs, eh, it's not even worth comparing. they look equally useless, short of thomas, who is just too new.

      to say they're far less talented, is just a huge reach purely for the sake of pointlessly defending bates. bates, and i'll believe this until i see otherwise, doesn't look like he can craft alternate plans and schemes when he doesn't have the recipe for his classic system at his disposal. even if the 2005 defense was slightly better, we've fallen much too far down the statistical standings to equal out.
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