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Broncos move Harris up, sign Underwood and Bozeman

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    The main thing is that our young DT's will get more playing time and hopefully speed up the learning curve a bit.


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      Well I remember in preseason some were saying Steven Harris would be the surprise guy at DT this year for us. Of course seeing how the rest of the preseason predictions went I'm not going to hang on the hope.

      I doubt he sees a huge amounts of field time. In his favor theres lots of rotation in the middle, so he'll see some snaps . . . but really I'm guessing its mostly evaluation right now to see if we'll keep some guys or if we need to draft multiple people at the position.

      Still, hope its an upgrade. Last time we saw KC they weren't exactly the best O line we had run into. Should be a decent game for the guys to get up to speed. Or so we all hope.
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        i get bates wants 500lbs sumo champions at our defensive tackle position, but i don't know if i like the concept. i mean, they obviously don't rush the passer in a bates scheme, they stand there and plug holes. thus putting all the pressure on the defensive ends to apply, well, all the pressure. and we don't have a jason taylor unfortunately. we have a champ bailey. and quick linebackers.

        maybe jimmy boy should prove his worth and see if he can craft another genius scheme based on what we're working with currently. because we do have talent. alot of it, and with a system catered to us, we could work around our flaws. cause really, maybe we'd be better with talented linemen who all attack rather than just rush two, and keep two plugging a hole no one runs up anyway. all it does it make the pocket slightly more narrow on the outsides, but it's still nice and comfy for a qb to pick us apart. oh, and STOP CALLING SUCH VANILLA PLAYS. geez, we got rid of larry coyer for less than this.
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