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Bailey and Bly's Selfishness is Hurting the Broncos

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    I have been studying the games lately and though I can't place the blame on the CB's, I can't praise their performance either.

    I mean check it. Champ Bailey is a former Pro Bowler and THE most worshipped corner beyond any doubt, I know that he isn't allowing passes and playing off coverage just for the heck of it.

    Dre Bly is coming off of one of his best seasons with among the most interceptions in the league. Now I think there is a collision between the coaching perspective and the players perspective in the game.

    Now both of our corners have known success and have been in the league going on ten years, so if I were the coaches I think I would let them play the game the way they have always played it, because, quite frankly, IT AINT WORKIN OUT.