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Which Bronco players will not return next season?

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    Originally posted by RIP#27#29 View Post
    Yes, i agree that this might be John Lynch's last year before he retires. Other old players like Tom Nalen, Jason Elam, and Rod Smith are all likely to retire after this season.
    I don't see any particular reason why Elam retires, although he's maybe not got the range he used to, he's still one of the more accurate kickers in the league, and one of the most reliable when the game's on the line
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      Dre Bly -----Traded to Washington for Santana Moss
      Travis Henry + Foxworth ----- Traded to Detroit for Boss Bailey and Tatum Bell

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        I'm not sure who is leaving, but these are the only people who are must keeps: Cutler, Marshall, Scheffler, Nalen, Dumervil, Moss, Crowder, Williams, and Bailey. Everyone else is expendable.

        Now before someone tells me "But you can't have a team with just 9 players", because some moron tells me that every time I make a post like this, I'm not saying these are the ONLY players we should keep, I'm just saying these are the only players we HAVE to keep. Everyone else, makes no difference to me if they stay or go.


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          Originally posted by Beast#7 View Post
          I have pure ignorance?