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    Bates is...ugh...he's bad. As I said in a previous post, I'm not Pro coach, but pro coaches have to do it better than this. We have such a large supply of talent, ESPECIALLY on the line, we should be stopping the run rushing a MAX of 5 or 6. Teams lick their lips when they play us, because they know theres a glaring flaw in our game plan for that week, and all they have to do is find it. I'm really surprised at the Chefs (and yes I said chefs) game. I thought for sure they had already found our hole, but, we somehow pulled it out.

    I think if Walker is healthy, he'll be back. And I TRULY hope so. With Walker/Stokely/Marshall, all healthy, we'll have the ability to complete 30-35 passes a game. The BAD thing about that is, completions do not = TDs, and, this offense is built around the RB. We better draft well for our O line, or its gonna be another "Score 40 or Lose" season.