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The Truth: Broncos Future; Key Players; Offseason Needs

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    Nice job on accurately forecasting some much needed changes.

    I disagree with the firing of Bates, largely because he was immensely successful everywhere else he has coached defense, but Shanahan decided he'd rather bring in a coach to fit his players then rehaul the entire defense to fit the coach. I understand that philosophy, I just disagree with it.

    I also hope we acquire more safeties during training camp. Absolutely NONE of our current Safeties are worth a crap in coverage. McCree, whom is roughly average, is about as good as it gets. And he's iffy in run support. Somewhere, somehow, we need to discover a complete safety. I suppose playing Foxworth out of position again is the best we can hope for. He's probably counting down the days until he can escape Denver and start at CB again.


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      Those predictions were pretty much what everyone has been saying for quite some time. Don't feel too happy because we have always need a PR/KR, we've been needing younger safties. Most were already calling for Bates head around week 6. Javon being gone was like prediciting if the water would boil in a kettle over an open flame. Broncos gave Henry a chance and it wasn't because of weed that he was gone. It was because he couldn't stay healthy and was already in Shanny's dog house. The weed came weeks later after the Broncos released him.