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    Javon Walker is an amazing player and hope he can stay healthy could you imagine Javon Walker Brandon Marshall and Brandon Stokley that would be dominant
    sigpicR.I.P Darrent Williams and Damien Nash


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      Originally posted by Return of Lava View Post
      Me saying Henry and Young will never be difference makers, is like you saying Walker's knee healing is "unlikely".....just what I think based on what I've seen. For I also play sports and although I've been blessed enough to avoid injury, I have to believe that a knee can heal, and the NFL has seen these types of things before in the medical field.

      History is on the side of the run game, I never said I wouldnt take a run game like we had before. I'd love to have a strong run game and let Walker go. The way the team is set up now, we HAVE to be a passing team. Its not a hard decision, Walker Marshall Stokely Graham and Scheffler...... or Travis Henry and Selvin Young?

      I am not for giving players the starting nod based on contracts (see Travis Henry discussions), but Walker is a clear cut #1 over Marshall if healthy, more experience, and Marshall's head may be starting to get too big imo, he needs to know there are more WR's in the world who can put up numbers. Walker may have a boast-ful attitude as well, but he doesnt taunt.
      We will just have different opinions on our offensive focus - that's cool, though.

      Walker being the "clear cut #1 over Marshall" - that very statement is completely contrary to them earning the title on the field. Because of experience? That's not enough for me, he has to earn it each year.

      Stat Line (sorry that they are only the totals):
      Year G Rec Yds Avg Yds/G Long TD 20+ 40+ 1st FUM SEA AGE

      TOTAL 70 248 3,785 15.3 54.1 83 30 57 15 169 4 6 29

      TOTAL 29 106 1,445 13.6 49.8 71 8 15 4 73 3 2 23

      From an investment standpoint, recent history (even when healthy), and injury considerations, my primary investment is in BM and secondary investment is in JW.

      Our player statements aren't the same really except that they are both opinions. My opinion is based on experience with athletes that I've known who have had knee injuries. Your opinion is based on hope in the medical professionals. Now, if there are examples of wideouts who have had multiple procedures and then performed, afterward, to Walker's healthy level then I'd be much more encouraged for his future. I just don't know of any.


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        There is nothing I’d like to see more than a healthy Javon Walker. What a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses having Walker, Marshall, Graham and Scheffler/Stokley on the field at the same time would present!

        That said, I don’t know if Walker will EVER be 100% again.

        It is a high risk/high reward situation. I honestly don’t know if I would take that risk. Obviously, for the Broncos, to reduce the risk you lower Walker’s pay, and as Mojo mentioned move everything back on year. Make 2008 another chance for Walker to prove he’s healthy, and make the payday in 2009 worth it to him. This will show how much confidence Walker has in his knee.

        Put the ball in Walker’s court. I don’t want to see him walk by any means, but the Broncos have much bigger needs.

        I like the idea of Berrian taking Walker’s place if the Broncos and Walker do part ways. With Marshall being a big, strong target, and Stokley in the slot, a speedster is all the Broncos would really need, a deep threat. They wouldn’t need a “complete” WR, a deep threat would go a long ways in keeping the opposing defenses “honest”, and open up the field for everyone else.