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    Originally posted by bronco1263 View Post
    The one thing I'll give you about your comparison: Marshall is actually bigger than Shannon. Although, Sharpe was a giant chiseled muscle.


    I don't think he could be nearly the equivalent of a HOF TE.

    Bigger problems:
    He is more valuable at WR than TE. Graham and Scheffler can handle the TE position since I don't think that was the problem causing a 6-9 record.

    WR, Javon is a question mark. Stokeley is better at slot even though I think he can play wide. The depth at WR is certainly not there to move BM.

    Marshall is already pulls double teams so the other receivers should be getting the matchups that you mentioned.

    At TE, unless the other WRs were superior, opposing defenses would simply drop a CB onto Marshall and let their safeties handle the outside guys.

    I think BM would get drilled by DE and LBs.
    this just makes me wonder how defenses will stop our wr trio. they're doubling marshall now and he still looks good. so who will they double cover-marshall or walker? they're both #1 caliber talent. you cover both and cutler will abuse stokley all night and the run game will open up like floodgates.
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