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Shanahan's play-calling get's a little respect from people who know......

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    Originally posted by stnzed View Post
    It's got to be both doesn't it?

    There are definitely plays he cannot call in the red zone because the line doesn't have the size/strength to execute run plays up the middle in goal-to-go situations, for example......
    Someone needs to tell him that he can't call those plays then. Because this season he's called them over and over and over and over and over...

    Only fools bet against Tim Tebow.

    Team Tebow #108

    Yards, without points, mean nothing.


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      To be fair, it does seem like Shanahan is trying to get somewhat bigger on the O-line. Kuper lists over 300, and Foster was 330 if I remember right. That shows me that he’s at least willing to adjust from what in the past he has as a preference.

      Plus, continuity on the O-line is huge. The players starting right now have not had much time together. I’m hoping Nalen comes back for one more year, to mentor the young guys if nothing else, and to buy one more year to address the position. Nalen makes everyone on the line better. I’m hoping Hamilton can come back healthy as well.

      I expect the D-line to be much improved next year as well. D-line rookies typically progress very well in their second year, and I’m really hoping we can get an impact FA this offseason. I don’t expect the unit to completely dominate offenses next year, but I’d like to see them at least play at an average level.