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Bailey vs Rivers

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    did PR cure aids? did he end war jc? because god almighty one would assume so considering how you speak of him.

    your boy, sucks. you can give me every little occurance that's happened while he's handed off or dumped short to his hall of famers, but you can't ever actually tell anyone here he isn't wading in the sea of mediocrity.

    enjoy the temporary success. you forget to attribute it to the numerous high draft picks your team got over a series of years. now that you don't have them, you have the garbage front office that should give you a nice long run of losing seasons pretty soon once those picks wear off, and you haven't won a damn thing. sorry but with all the rivers homerism radiating off of you, why don't you mention that? since you seem to complain about everyone being biased but you.
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    Rivers has probably now the fastest release in the NFL that Favre is retired. - riversOWNSdonks
    Rivers has the potential to be better than Brady or any QB ever - riversOWNSdonks


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      Originally posted by theshiverman View Post
      Champ is cool, Rivers is a fool

      i like your sig
      I support Kaepernick 100%


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        Originally posted by jcdavey View Post
        champ bailey is a crappy cb (whenever he plays against PR)
        Save it for the smack-talk board, uh, bolthead.
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          Originally posted by sniperyus View Post
          It's done. i'm the official member of the I hate Rivers club.
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