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New biggest rivalry in the AFC West?

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    I don't think there will ever be a rival bigger than the Raiders and Broncos.. but the Chargers are sure getting closer!

    They were playing dirty like the Raiders do..thats for sure


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      Its great for the Competition!

      I say bring it on! SD was always the little sister in the AFC west, and now they are on top of it. To me this is great for denver because now we have a chip on our shoulder to not only beat SD and make the Playoffs but to win this friggin Division! Its been since KC Denver in the late 90s that there were 2 AFC west squads playing for Bragging Rights. So bring on SD and its attitude, because right now they are the Kings of the AFC west. Which means they are in a position to be knocked off the top of the mountain. Remember SD fans you cant go any higher in the division, you are now the marked man of the AFC west!