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    Ian Gold is an average player at an unimportant position in the defense, blaming him for the defensive woes is like blaming a slot wide receiver for things on offense. True he did have a bad season but remember that he DID beat several other linebackers in training camp for the job.

    Gold proved that he could be an impact player several years ago, I think it's kind of silly to think that all of a sudden he can no longer play, it's not like he had some horrible injury or something, it's either the D-Line or the system.

    We have other issues to address first, on defense we have a defensive line that gets dominated every play, what is an average linebacker like Gold supposed to do? We have 0 depth at safety and an injury prone Lynch starting.

    On offense we have an aging injury prone offensive line with little to no depth. We have one wide receiver capable of starting, that is, if Walker leaves.

    Our special teams are so bad that in several games we had Champ Bailey and John Lynch covering kicks, our best return man is an injury prone Andre Hall.

    So that's at least 2 other positions at defense that need to be filled (1 DT and 1 FS). 3 on offense (LT, G, WR) and who knows how many at special teams. Does drafting an outside linebacker still look good? Actually now that I've made this post it doesn't seem so silly. If we draft an outside linebacker he could improve special teams and battle Ian Gold for the job during training camp.

    Just remember though, Gold started this year because he won the job in training camp, if he doesn't start next year I wont complain.


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      Well, I agree with Nick.

      Gold is fine. He's a smaller LB, so if the D-line in front of him sucks, he's going to have some issues. He played well overall, I'm not sure what people are talking about. Understand, that with Ian, we played him like a Safety the vast majority of the time. Towards, the end of the season, we started blitzing him (a strength of his) and using him up at the line on more plays.

      Jamie Winborn came into this league as a WILL LB with SF. He subsequently failed at that position so badly that he was effectively out of the league for a short while. Now, he's the next starter? He can't cover to save his life, but he's a pretty effective tackler against the run. But don't confuse yourselves, Gold is a MUCH more complete LB then Winborn. And we have no other LB on our team that can cover to the degree Gold can.

      Alot depends on the scheme we want to run. If we get coverage-style safeties, Gold could be let go as his versatility and value would be diminished. But as it stands, he had a very productive year and would have made the stats in my sig if he hadn't been injured minus a few tackles. He's not the weakest link on this team. We have a lot more glaring needs on both sides of the ball and special teams as well.


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        You're right... a poor dline causes him to miss tackles and over-run plays. You need to give up on trying to convince us... Shanny was exactly who he was talking about when he said we need to find out who still wants to be here. Winborn filled in at least as well as Ian did.
        Again, as a person, Ian seems to be a fine man, but he just doesn't fill his position very well. He will be given the opportunity to "succeed" elsewhere.